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OsmSharp enables you to work directly with OpenStreetMap (OSM) data in .NET. Most important features are:

  • Read/Write OSM-XML.
  • Read/Write OSM-PBF.
  • Streamed architecture, minimal memory footprint.
  • Convert a stream of native OSM objects to 'complete' OSM objects: Ways with all their actual nodes, Relations with all members instantiated.
  • Convert OSM objects to geometries.

Documentation & Samples

Check the documentation website for documentation and sample code. Don't hesitate to ask questions using an issue or request more documentation on any topic you need.

There are 5 sample projects in the samples folder:

  • Sample.CompleteStream: Convert Ways and Relation into objects with nodes and members instantiated.
  • Sample.Filter: Filter data from an OSM file using LINQ.
  • Sample.GeoFilter: Filter data using a bounding box or polygon.
  • Sample.GeometryStream: Extract all power lines from an OSM file, convert them to linestring features and write to GeoJSON.
  • Sample.GeometryStream.Shape: Extract all power lines from an OSM file, convert them to linestring features and write to a shapefile.


PM> Install-Package OsmSharp

There's also a package to use NTS together with OsmSharp to convert OSM-data to features/geometries.

PM> Install-Package OsmSharp.Geo


A really good way to get started is to have a look at the samples but we collected a few code-snippets for you here anyway:

A common usecase is to stream and filter OSM data. To read from an OSM file and enumerate all objects just open the file as a stream source and use foreach.

Read data from an OSM-PBF file:

using(var fileStream = new FileInfo(@"/path/to/some/osmfile.osm.pbf").OpenRead())
  var source = new PBFOsmStreamSource(fileStream);
  foreach (var element in source)

Write data to an OSM-PBF file:

using(var fileStream = new FileInfo(@"/path/to/my/osmfile.osm.pbf").OpenRead())
	var target = new PBFOsmStreamTarget(fileStream);
	target.AddNode(new Node()
			Id = 1,
			ChangeSetId = 1,
			Latitude = 0,
			Longitude = 0,
			Tags = new TagsCollection(
				Tag.Create("key", "value")),
			TimeStamp = DateTime.Now,
			UserId = 1424,
			UserName = "you",
			Version = 1,
			Visible = true

Filter an area and extract a smaller region:

var source = new PBFOsmStreamSource(
	new FileInfo(@"/path/to/file.osm.pbf").OpenRead());

var filtered = source.FilterBox(6.238002777099609f, 49.72076145492323f, 
	6.272850036621093f, 49.69928180928878f); // left, top, right, bottom

using (var stream = new FileInfo(@"/path/to/filterede.osm.pbf").Open(FileMode.Create, FileAccess.ReadWrite))
   var target = new PBFOsmStreamTarget(stream);


The OsmSharp project is licensed under the MIT license.

This project includes some code from SharpZipLib, also MIT licensed.