A Sublime Text 3 package for highlighting both Sass and SCSS syntax.
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Syntax Highlighting for Sass

This is a Sublime Text 3 package which purely forced on highlighting both Sass and SCSS syntax as accuracy as possible. Please make sure your Sublime Text 3 version is above Build 3103.

This package has taken over the package name "Sass", please search keyword "sass" from Package Control to install this package.

Known issues:

  1. If you updated this package from the original Sass package you might notice SCSS files are highlighted with the Sass syntax, to solve this issue, please open any .scss file and reset its highlighting syntax with the "Open all with current extension as..." option.

  2. If you need the Emmet CSS abbreviation popup window to work well with the Sass syntax, you probably need to add the following code to your Emmet settings file.

    "css_completions_scope": "source.scss - comment - variable - keyword.control - entity.other, source.sass - comment - variable - keyword.control - entity.other",

New Features

  • Added support for CSS4 variables
  • Enhanced Sass map highlighting
  • Enhanced CSS functions and Sass functions highlighting
  • Enhanced Sass mixin/function name highlighting and their "Goto Definition" support
  • Removed built-in completions

Scopes list

Here is a list of which syntax part is capable to highlight and its scope name. All scope names are following the suggestions of https://www.sublimetext.com/docs/3/scope_naming.html. If any part from the list down below is not highlighted as expected with your current color scheme, please try to contact the color scheme author to add support for the corresponding scope or modify the color scheme by yourself. Learn more about "color schemes" please take a look at https://www.sublimetext.com/docs/3/color_schemes.html.

Element Scope
Block Comment comment.block.css.sass
Sass Line Comment comment.line.sass
CSS4 Variable variable.parameter.sass
Sass Variable variable.parameter.sass
At-rule, Sass Directive, Directive Shorthand keyword.control.at-rule.css.sass
Type Selector, Universal Selector entity.name.tag.css.sass
Id Selector entity.other.attribute-name.id.css.sass
Class Selector, Sass Placeholder Selector entity.other.attribute-name.class.css.sass
Attribute Selector entity.other.attribute-name.css.sass
Attribute Selector RegEx keyword.operator.attribute-selector.css.sass
Pseudo Class, Pseudo Element entity.other.pseudo-class.css.sass
Property Name support.type.property-name.css.sass
Property Value support.constant.property-value.css.sass
Quoted String string.quoted.css.sass
Numeric constant.numeric.css.sass
Unit keyword.other.unit.css.sass
Rgb Color constant.other.color.rgb-valueb.css.sass
Sass Parent Selector keyword.other.parent-selector.sass
Sass Operator keyword.operator.css.sass
Sass Mixin and Function Definition entity.name.function.sass
Sass Mixin and Function Calling Name support.function.sass
Sass Interpolation keyword.control.interpolation.sass
Sass Flag keyword.other.important.css.sass
Sass Reserved Word keyword.other.reserved.sass
Sass Indented Syntax Semicolon invalid
Sass Indented Syntax Curly Brackets invalid


MIT License