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Gebiedsscan Application

The Gebiedsscan application is divided into 3 components the database, the Geo-Backend application and the Gebiedsscan client. The database contains all the data about the projects, interested users and other data used in the application. The Geo-Backend application gets requests from the Gebiedsscan client and fetches the corresponding data from the database.

Geo-Backend application

To start the server run:

$ npm install
$ npm start


The application configurations can be changed by having the following environmental variables.

Env. Variable Description Mandatory
DB_HOST Database host Yes
DB_PORT Database port No
DB_USER Database user Yes
DB_PASS User password Yes
DB_NAME Name of the database Yes
NODE_PORT Port where the backend will run Yes


To build the client run:

$ npm install
$ npm run build

After building the client the contens on the /dist folder can be served. For correct behavior of the application the index.html file MUST be served if the URL doesn't match any static assets.


The application configurations can be changed by changing the values in config.js

Field Description Mandatory
baseUrl Base url for the geo-backend including the protocol Yes


A snapshot of the database can be found in the database folder