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Welcome to my github

Hi, and welcome to my Github
For the moment I might not have that much free code published here.
As most of my code was written as developer was licensed, so I cannot publish a lot.


Custom strategies for the trading application Gekko.
You'll notice a lot of strategies here, they're not a run and make big profit.
Although i only submitted code if is the gain was 20% above market (in gekko test runs).
20% and higher is allready pretty good (your bank doesnt do that).
However it depends a lot on crypto coin choise, and the fine tuning of the toml file.

Side notes

  • For spam reasons, I've disabled my email address here.
    So you will have to raise an issue on github to discuss my code, which I don't mind.
    I gladly discuss the code.
  • As for Gekko, i was fairly new to writing javascript i'm more used to C# C++ Python etc, javascript is new to me.
    So if you think it can be coded better just raise issue and explain how.
    Overall i think the code is a lot better then most of the cryptoalgo's i've seen.
    At least i explain what i do
    Despite understanding my trading math might be too complex for a lot of people, including sometimes myself ;)
    Well who care the complexity of math these days
    -In general the math works well with the right toml settings if you got better ones let me know (thats your part of this free code deal).


My interest is on Neural network based trading, though despite having seen many claims of gekko algo's to do that.
I so far found no real good implementation... if i ever get the time for it... i love to see something in tensorflow.
I know tensorflow under javascript is possible.. but have not seen any gekko algo.
I think it would be a huge trading braketrough if one can get it to work with gekko.
(just imagine trading on your favorite jupyter notebook, then use that trained network inside gekko..super cool).


Custom strategies for the trading application Gekko







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