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A full multimedia solution, it can be the perfect framework for your video, image, or music website, or why not? All in one!

Developer :: Marius Patrascu

(with the help of the many beautiful members of the Vibe community!)



Say hi to Marius:

Video & Multimedia CMS: Unleash the Power of PHPVibe

Introducing PHPVibe, the ultimate video-sharing CMS that goes beyond videos, offering image sharing and music (mp3, SoundCloud) sharing capabilities. We proudly present it as a comprehensive multimedia solution, serving as the ideal framework for your video, image, or music website. It's an all-in-one package you won't want to miss!

Key Features of PHPVibe CMS:

Seamless Video Sharing:

Handle every aspect of video management effortlessly. From video uploads to multiple qualities, ffmpeg commands for video conversion, video processing, management, and thumbnail generation - no coding required! Our CMS includes a video uploader that effortlessly sends chosen ffmpeg commands to the server for smooth video processing. After upload, the videos are automatically converted to the selected quality options as defined in the admin panel.

YouTube Support and Import:

When it comes to content building, speed is crucial. That's why PHPVibe integrates seamlessly with YouTube. Our CMS has removed the importer and replaced it with a standalone plugin called Youtube Video Importer ( ) which is, as the name suggests, a powerful multi-video YouTube importer, allowing you to import videos by search, playlist, or channel and assign them to specific owners and categories.

Image Sharing:

Tap into the immense popularity of picture sharing. With the rise of platforms like Instagram, WeHeartIt, and Pinterest, the demand for image sharing has skyrocketed. PHPVibe allows users to easily upload pictures, satisfying their desire to share visual content.

Music Component:

Enhance your website's appeal with a dedicated music section. Our CMS provides a separate upload feature, organized playlists, and improved user interactions. We've even included a sleek waves player for a seamless music listening experience!

Premium Accounts:

Generate revenue and offer exclusive benefits. PHPVibe enables you to create premium accounts, granting special privileges to paid users. You can monetize your platform by providing access to premium content while hiding ads for premium users. It's a win-win scenario!

Verified Badges:

Highlight user groups with badges. Easily assign creative badges to verified, premium, or any other group of your choice. These badges add an extra level of recognition and credibility to your website.

Lists and Filters:

Enhance content discoverability and user experience. PHPVibe includes lists and filters for channels, videos, music, images, and user activity. These features create a visually appealing and user-friendly environment, making navigation a breeze.


Empower user engagement with AJAX-powered, infinitely scrolling comments. Our video CMS comes bundled with a beautiful emoji inserter, ensuring that user comments thrive. You can even take advantage of our YouTube comments importer, seamlessly integrating YouTube comments and channels into your own platform.

Intuitive Design and User Experience:

Feel right at home with PHPVibe's user-friendly interface, following the design guidelines of the new YouTube. Users will instinctively know where to find what they need, resulting in a seamless browsing experience. This familiarity is crucial in reducing your Google bounce rate.

Articles and Pages:

Go beyond multimedia with a built-in blog and pages functionality. PHPVibe understands the importance of text content. Additionally, you can create informative pages for Terms of Service (TOS), GDPR compliance, and other essential information.

Visitor Engagement and Entertainment:

Nurture your community with a wide range of tools. Enable subscriptions, follows, likes, dislikes, activity feeds, messaging, embedding, and more. These features contribute to an engaging and entertaining experience, fostering a sense of belonging among your visitors

Top Players:

Choose from an array of leading video players. PHPVibe supports VibeJs (VideoJs personalized), JwPlayer 7, and Flowplayer. With just a simple click, you can switch between these top players, tailoring your user experience to perfection.

Advertising Ready:

Monetize your platform effortlessly. PHPVibe offers various ad formats, including VibeJs's VAST ad support, static in-site ads, and over-video ads. We've covered all the bases to ensure optimal ad conversion rates.

Social Logins:

Simplify user registration and login processes. Allow visitors to register and log in easily via their Facebook or Google accounts. The choice is yours to make.

SEO and SEF Ready:

Take control of your website's visibility. PHPVibe offers comprehensive SEO features, enabling you to customize titles and permalinks according to your preferences. Optimize your content for Google and social media sharing effortlessly. You can even choose between simple or complex link structures, including hashed IDs for advanced customization. Prepending and appending titles and meta-data to different pages is a breeze.

Multi-Language Support:

Tailor the CMS to your preferred language. PHPVibe simplifies language management with options to create, edit, and import languages. It's never been easier to adapt your platform to various linguistic preferences.


Empower your users to spread the word. PHPVibe enables seamless sharing to popular social networks or easy embedding of content on external websites. Enhance the reach of your creatives with built-in sharing capabilities.

Open Source:

Retain full control and ownership of your code. PHPVibe's open-source nature allows for easy modification and customization, granting you the freedom to tailor your website to your specific needs.

Our Experience in Video Platforms and Websites:

With our extensive experience in video platforms and websites, including ZubeeTube (2008), PHPVibe (2010), and MediaVibe (2018), we've tested and continuously improved our CMS over the years. You can trust that our platforms have been refined to deliver exceptional performance.

The Booming Market for Video and Media:

The consumption of videos and images is skyrocketing year after year. With platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram imposing stricter content regulations, there is an increasing opportunity for webmasters and smaller websites to capitalize on this trend. Monetization and community-building possibilities around media have never been more accessible!

Crafting and Providing the Tools:

At PHPVibe, we pride ourselves on crafting an exceptional CMS that meets the diverse needs of webmasters. Our CMS addresses the challenges of video uploading, conversion to multiple qualities, social video sharing, image sharing, and music integration. We offer the PHPVibe CMS for those seeking a feature-rich multimedia platform, for webmasters with limited space and hardware resources, allowing video sharing without hosting.

Useful, Secure, and Rich:

PHPVibe has been meticulously developed as a modern video CMS, surpassing the limitations of other platforms. We aim to provide the ultimate tool that drives traffic and revenue. Whether you're planning a video upload site, a video blog, a corporate video platform, or simply want a slice of the vast video market, PHPVibe is the ideal starting point. Our CMS incorporates numerous features that would otherwise require costly plugins.

#More information

PHPVibe is a versatile video-sharing platform that enables users to create and manage their own video websites. Here are some key features and functionalities of PHPVibe:

Video Upload and Management:

Users can upload videos to the platform, and administrators can manage and organize these videos.

User Accounts and Profiles:

PHPVibe supports user registration and authentication, allowing individuals to create accounts and personalize their profiles.

Customization and Theming:

The platform offers a theming system that allows users to customize the appearance of their video websites. This includes modifying templates, stylesheets, and site settings.

SEO Optimization:

Basic SEO settings are available to help optimize the visibility of the video website on search engines.

User Roles and Permissions:

Administrators can define user roles and set permissions, controlling access to various features and functionalities.

Social Media Integration:

PHPVibe can be integrated with social media platforms, allowing users to share videos on external social networks.

Monetization Options:

The platform provides features for monetization, such as integrating ads or setting up subscription models. Payment gateways can be configured for financial transactions.

Third-Party Service Integration:

Users can integrate external services for additional features, such as comments, analytics, or sharing options.

Performance Optimization:

Advanced settings and configurations are available for performance optimization, including caching mechanisms and server settings.

Security Measures:

PHPVibe includes basic security features, and administrators can implement additional measures such as secure file uploads, HTTPS, and authentication enhancements.

Community Interaction:

Users can engage with the PHPVibe community, share experiences, and contribute to discussions. The open-source nature of PHPVibe allows for community involvement and contributions.

Custom Development:

For advanced users, PHPVibe offers the ability to delve into custom development, including creating plugins or features to extend the platform's functionality.


PHPVibe is designed to scale as the user base grows. Administrators can plan for scalability and ensure the platform can handle increasing demands.

Regular Updates:

The PHPVibe platform receives regular updates and improvements. Users can stay informed about the latest releases and update their installations accordingly. Overall, PHPVibe provides a comprehensive solution for individuals or organizations looking to create and manage their video-sharing websites with various customization options and features.

Here's a brief overview from a beginner's perspective to an expert level, along with a roadmap:

Beginner Level:


Download PHPVibe from the official website. Follow the installation instructions provided in the documentation. Set up a web server (e.g., Apache or Nginx) and a database (e.g., MySQL). Configure PHPVibe to connect to the database.

Basic Configuration:

Customize site settings, including the site name, description, and logo. Set up user roles and permissions. Configure basic SEO settings.

Video Upload:

Learn how to upload videos to the platform. Understand the supported video formats and quality settings.

User Management:

Manage user accounts and profiles. Explore user registration and authentication settings. ##Intermediate Level:

Theme Customization:

Explore the theming system to customize the look and feel of the site. Modify templates and stylesheets to match your branding.

Advanced Settings:

Dive into advanced configuration options for performance and security. Understand caching mechanisms and optimize server settings. ###Integration with External Services:

Integrate third-party services for features like social media sharing, comments, and analytics. Explore API documentation for possible integrations.

Monetization Features:

Explore options for monetizing the platform, such as ad integration or subscription models. Configure payment gateways if needed.

Expert Level:

Custom Development:

Understand the PHPVibe codebase and structure. Develop custom plugins or features to extend the platform's functionality.

Performance Optimization:

Implement advanced caching strategies. Optimize database queries and server performance for scalability.

Security Enhancements:

Perform regular security audits. Implement additional security measures such as HTTPS, secure file uploads, and user authentication enhancements.

Community Building:

Engage with the PHPVibe community. Contribute to the open-source project if interested. Share knowledge and experiences with other users.


Continuous Learning:

Stay updated with the latest PHPVibe releases and updates. Follow the official documentation and community forums for ongoing learning.

Feedback and Improvement:

Gather feedback from users and community members. Contribute suggestions and improvements to the PHPVibe development team.

Explore Advanced Features:

Experiment with additional features such as live streaming, advanced analytics, or mobile app integration. ###Scaling and Maintenance:

Plan for scalability as the user base grows. Regularly update and maintain the platform to ensure security and performance. Remember that the roadmap and skill progression may vary based on individual preferences and project requirements. Additionally, staying engaged with the PHPVibe community can provide valuable insights and support throughout the learning process.


PHPVibe offers an unrivaled video and multimedia CMS that empowers webmasters to unlock the full potential of their websites. With its extensive features, user-friendly interface, and ability to adapt to evolving market demands, PHPVibe is your gateway to success. Take control of your media project and join the ranks of satisfied PHPVibe users today!

May require a free license key to install, head to and then to easily get it.

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