A simple VFO for old or homebrew radios, full customizable with Atmega328.
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Ham radio VFO with Arduino & AD8950

This is an VFO for use with old Ham Radio transceivers and with QRPs. I'm intending to use on the Ararinha-QRP-Triband project that I posted the PCB here.

It's a 10x10cm board with a nice all metal, no detent encoder from CTS.

I already ordered this PCB. I will work after the V1.0 on a smaller PCB so you can embedded the VFO or build a smaller radio. I will also add an option to connect the Encoder with a Header. That's can be a nice feature.



BASED ON http://py2ohh.w2c.com.br/trx/arduinovfo/arduinovfo.html PROJECT