Search bundle for Symfony2. Use entities, collections for search directly.
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Search Bundle

Search bundle for Symfony2. Use entities, collections for search directly. Great for handling complex search forms.

1. Examples

1.1 Simple

$fm = $this->get('padam87_search.filter.manager');
$filter = new Filter($data, 'YourBundle:Entity', 'alias');
$qb = $fm->createQueryBuilder($filter);

$data can be an array, an entity, or even a doctrine collection.

You can add your own converter to handle any type of data.

1.2 Joins

$fm = $this->get('padam87_search.filter.manager');
$filter1 = new Filter($data1, 'YourBundle:Entity1', 'alias1');
$filter2 = new Filter($data2, 'YourBundle:Entity2', 'alias2');
$qb = $fm->joinToQueryBuilder($filter2, $fm->createQueryBuilder($filter1), 'associationName');

'associationName' is the name of the relation in your entity, eg 'users'

1.3 Collection valued associations

$fm = $this->get('padam87_search.filter.manager');
$filter = new Filter($data, 'YourBundle:Entity', 'alias');
$qb = $fm->createQueryBuilder($filter);

When $data is an entity, it can have *ToMany associations. By default, the bundle assumes OR relationship between the elements of the collection. To change that, you can use the 2nd parameter of $fm->createQueryBuilder:

$fm = $this->get('padam87_search.filter.manager');
$filter = new Filter($data, 'YourBundle:Entity', 'alias');
$qb = $fm->createQueryBuilder($filter, array(
    'relationName' => 'AND'

1.4 Operators

$data = array(
    'integerField>=' => 10
    'stringFiled' => 'A*'
$filter = new Filter($data, 'YourBundle:Entity', 'alias');

The bundle will search for operators in the field names and values, and use the appropriate Expr.

For a nicer, and entity-compatible solution you can use the 4th parameter of the Filter to set default operators:

$filter = new Filter($data, 'YourBundle:Entity', 'alias', array(
    'integerField' => '>='

2. Installation

2.1. Composer

"padam87/search-bundle": "2.0.*",

2.2. AppKernel

$bundles = array(
    new Padam87\SearchBundle\Padam87SearchBundle(),