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Official CA Craft Files
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CA - Block II Shuttle.craft
CA - Mk3 Block II Phase 1.craft Block II Jan 13, 2018
CA - Mk3 Orbiter Flight Testing.craft
CA - Mk3 Orbiter.craft updated to 1.3.0a Aug 19, 2017
CA - Petrel Orbiter.craft Buran - Requires TantaresLV Jun 7, 2018
CA - Shuttle C.craft 1.2.2b crafts added Apr 23, 2017
Mk3 Shuttle Test Making History Mission Mar 19, 2018 Update Apr 27, 2017


Official CA Craft Files

CA_Mk3 Orbiter

  • General use craft loaded with 1 MMU, 2 Primary Fuel cells, 1 Backup fuel cell (rear), LFO tank (locked), storage box, and payload mounting truss. Capable of delivering 18-20 tons to LFO.

Action groups

  1. Toggle Primary fuel cells
  2. Toggle OMS engines/gimbal
  3. Toggle Main Engine Yaw/Roll
  4. Toggle Main Engine
  5. Toggle Bay doors
  6. Deploy Airbrake
  7. Deploy Body Flap

CA_Mk3 Orbit Test Flight

  • Conduct early test flights with a full payload of science experiments.

CA_Shuttle C

  • An unmanned option to utilize the ET and booster stack of the Space Shuttle program. The C has no heat tiles or aerodynamic considerations as it isn't intended to return safely. Its lighter weight and disposable nature make it perfect for unusually heavy payloads and high altitude and satellite deployment missions. This 2 engine version is capable of delivering 20-30 tons into high Kerbin orbit.
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