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The Papoo CMS was founded 2003 by Dr. Carsten Euwens as a first step for accessible Websites. Since then it was developed with accessibilty in mind.


PapooCMS is fully translated in 9 Languages.

  • German
  • English
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • Chinese


The Webpage can be found here: - there you can find additional information arround the CMS


The Installation is realy simple, unzip a version or copy the repo somewhere to your apache www folder where you can open it. Afterwards open the /setup/ Folder in your Browser and follow the instructions :-). A complete installation guide can be found here in german:

What you need

You need at least Apache Webserver and a running mysql Database. That's it.


Lots of features :-)

Layout & Design

Papoo layouts are always customizable. Of course, you can also create and use completely custom layouts - there are no restrictions or specifications from us.

  • Foundation Framework
  • Layout based on CSS3 / HTML5
  • By default, the CSS Framework Foundation is used
  • Other frameworks like Bootstrap & Co. are of course easy to integrate
  • Layouts are always fully responsive and mobile compatible
  • Source code is completely open and can be 100% customized
  • Current jquery versions are integrated
  • Various jquery extensions like the Colorbox are also fully integrated
  • Accessibility integrated from the start
  • All templates are integrated as HTML templates
  • Smarty is used as template engine

Search Engine Optimization / SEO

With the CMS Papoo, your new website will have the following important features from the very beginning:

  • Accessible and valid HTML markup - the source code of the page, so your page is always optimally readable by Google
  • Internal linking of the important keywords
  • Individual metadata per page - convenient to edit in Excel or directly in the browser through import and export function
  • Mobile compatible - an important ranking factor for mobile search
  • Automatic double content detection - and marking for Google with rel="canonical".
  • Ratings - show Google how your visitors rate your site
  • 301 Redirects - the forwarding request for Google when pages move
  • Sitespeed & Caching - speeds up the page load by a factor of 100 compared to classic systems
  • Automatic image optimization - images are always scaled to the optimal size
  • Canonical Tags - important setting when using content multiple times
  • RSS Feed - a technical interface for making your content available to Google and special readers
  • Blog functions - ping Google and use trackbacks
  • Headings, lists, bold - all important HTML elements for Google are possible
  • Talking URLs - no control characters, but freely selectable URLs on top level

Marketing tools

You get a CMS with unique marketing tools in this combination. Powerful tools for your website, with which you can improve the effectiveness of your activities enormously, this package consists of:

  • Form manager for unlimited forms
  • Leadtracker - track the activities of your visitors
  • Exit Intent - catch visitors before they leave the site
  • Rating - let your site be rated - optimal for Google
  • Automatic follow-up mails - after actions like contact request or download
  • Variable keyword specific AdWords landing pages
  • Newsletter system

Media management

In Papoo CMS you can optimally manage any media, images, files of any formats and videos:

  • Any number of images, files and videos
  • Use of rights systems in the management of images and files
  • Individual alt and title attributes automatically (SEO and accessibility)
  • Use of YouTube or Vimeo videos per click
  • Each file with individual download rights
  • Any formats
  • Format-dependent display
  • Images, files, videos are organized in virtual directories and
  • Images, files, videos can be inserted into articles / content per click

Create and manage content

The core of every website is the content - this is where you communicate with your visitors. The following functions are available for managing your content:

  • Word-like WYSIWYG editor
  • Standard formatting like texts as lists, headings or bold print via familiar icons
  • Any number of articles / pages
  • Any number of menu items with any depth
  • Automatic sitemap
  • Multilingualism
  • Rights per entry freely definable
  • Time control
  • Individual meta and title tags
  • Teasering of contents, in most diverse variants
  • Use for RSS feeds
  • Speaking URLs for articles
  • Archive function
  • Media database
  • Newsletter, image galleries & social media buttons
  • and much more

Administration of the system

You can configure the Papoo system down to the last detail, and it offers you a lot of possibilities for control and customization.

  • Administration interface for any current browser
  • Administration possible from anywhere in the world
  • Any number of users and groups
  • Freely adjustable rights for access in the whole system
  • Small setting options for rights in the entire system
  • Each user can belong to several groups
  • Distribution of rights possible
  • Integrated Captcha spam protection with images, calculation tasks and logical tasks
  • Blacklist filtering integration
  • Logfiles about all login attempts
  • Logfiles about all sent e-mails
  • Integrated page and page counter
  • Piwik interface integration
  • Interface for Google Analytics integration