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Pasifik Panel API PHP

This library package provides a variety systems, the simplest way to integrate Pasifik services with your system.


PHP>=5 version.


Download source code.

Unzip package and enter to main/ directory.

Copy pasifik.php file to your directory.


  $username = "YOUR_USERNAME";
  $password = "YOUR_PASSWORD";
  $header = "YOUR_COMPANY"; // Message Header (3 min, 11 max).
  $lang = "en"; // 'tr': Turkish response, 'en': English response, 'ar': Arabic response.
  $DEBUG = true;
  $obj = new PasifikAPI($username, $password, $lang, $DEBUG);

Test Case

Follow test.php TestCase class, for test just uncomment the following methods and replace it with requirement parameters.

  $test = new TestCase();

For Linux inside terminal install php5-cli

  • Ubuntu (debian): sudo apt-get install php5-cli
  • CentOS: yum install php5-cli

Go to downloaded file directory and run php code on local server:

cd /path/to/code/Pasifik-Panel-API-PHP-master/main/
php -S

then open your browser on