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"Goliat online"

StarCraft Terran Bot developed with BWAPI using JNIBWAPI (before V4.1) and BWMirror (after V4.1 (included)). If you want see the bot playing against the game's AI go to this Youtube list. If you want see it playing against other real bots, go to the SSCAIT page!


This version has the building tree fixed. Including distinction of zones with 1 or more ChokePoints.

  • If the zone has 1 CP: Barracks and factory are built in the opposite direction to the CP. Other building are built between the CP and the CC.
  • If the zone has 2 or more CP: Barracks and factory are built closer to the CC. Other building are built farther to closer.


This version has fixed, upgraded and more fabulous attack/defense tree. Now Goliat can manage different groups of unit to attack/defense. Specifically:

  • Creation and management of groups of at least 10 units.
    • This groups can have 6 different status:
      • 0: Doing nothing.
      • 1: Attacking.
      • 2: Defending.
      • 3: Regroup.
      • 4: Retreat.
      • 5: Waiting.
      • 6: Exploring. (Never used for now)
  • Small changes in the use of the influence for selecting targets.


This version contains:

  • Building tree fixed, upgraded and more fabulous allowing to build add-ons.
  • A brand new tree which have a basic management of expansions (Gather resources and train more SCVs).
  • Small fixes in the influence.


This version contains:

  • More small fixes in the influence.
  • Can train different units according the enemy race.
  • Small fixes in building expansions.

Special thanks to: Krasi0, Dan and Jaj22 for trying to make it works on the SSCAIT server


This version contains:

  • Change from JNI-BWAPI to BWMirror.
  • Change to BWAPI 4.1.2
  • Scout behavior.
  • Real mineral nodes management. As consequence Stop training endless SCV.