An app for creating and managing your front-end pattern library.
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Tapestry - Pattern Library Maker

An app for creating and managing your front-end pattern library.

  1. Create patterns in Markdown files
  2. Browseable interface
  3. Free and open source
  4. Comment on each pattern using disqus

Built with Gulp, Angular and Markdown/YAML.


How to use

  1. Clone the repository

     git clone
  2. Install NPM and bower packages

     npm install && bower install
  3. Launch the server

     gulp patterns
  4. Open your browser and navigate to


Configuring disqus

Create a new discuss account and open src/assets/js/app/app.js and set the disqus_shortname

Pattern format

name: Alert
description: |
    ### What
    Page­ level information or service alert. Critical updates with a defined time period should be pushed using the alert box.
    ### Use when
    For page­level critical updates.
<div class="ui-alert ui-alert--success">
    <div class="alert__title">This is a success alert</div>
    <div class="alert__body">More body text</div>
    <a href="#" class="alert_close"></a>

How it works

  1. Patterns folder is watched by Gulp and JSON files are generated for each root pattern
  2. AngularJS uses these JSON documents to show a browseable interface of the patterns
  3. Inject your own CSS by editing index.html and add your own patterns


  1. Unit testing gulp plugins - gulp-tree and gulp-script-inject
  2. Unit testing of the Angular app