Reference and documentation for Perfect (Server-side Swift). Perfect (支持服务器端Swift语言的软件函数库)使用文档和参考手册.
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Perfect Documentation Library 简体中文

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This library contains all the reference documentation and API reference-related material you need to run and use Perfect.

Table of Contents

StORM, a Swift ORM

StORM is not distributed as a project; however, the Perfect libraries are integral to its operation, and some authors are common.

Perfect Turnstile – an authentication layer for Perfect

Turnstile is an Open Source project from Stormpath focussing on standardizing authentication across platforms and frameworks. Thanks to work done by Edward Jiang on Turnstile and a foundation linking Turnstile with Perfect, an authentication layer is available for Perfect.

⚠️NOTE⚠️ Turnstile is out of service as declared by its author, please check Storm API Migration FAQ for more information.