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hsharghi commented Apr 18, 2021

Describe the bug

Using content type application/x-www-form-urlencoded , Validating a request body contents for required fields, when none of them is present on the the body, validator returns Abort.422: Unprocessable Entity error instead of ValidationError

This issue will not occurs when content type is application/json

To Reproduce

Create a request content with one

adam-fowler commented Jun 19, 2020

Currently it just strips out all the html tags and outputs that. Which means for some API documentation it just creates super long lines of text, which Xcode turns into a wall of text which is unreadable.

  • break text based on <p>,<h*> tags
  • add bullet points for <li> tags
  • Remove href and only show body for <a> tags
  • Limit line length to 100 characters

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