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These are the essential skills that every engineer attending the Pesto Bootcamp must be familiar with. We have built up this resource library by creating our own internal content and by curating our favorite blog posts, documentation sites and courses from around the web.

Here, you have access to resources which will help you understand the general programming concepts as well as the specifics of various technologies in depth.

Getting Started

Each section should be completed in order from top to bottom because some of the skills build on each other.

Clean Code

It is really a very simple concept but one that sparked more debates and controversies than anything else in Computer Science. If you have ever thought about Tabs versus Spaces, snake_case versus CamelCase, verbNoun variable nomenclature or nounVerb, using is with booleans, or right level of abstraction then you know what it means. However, it is just the beginning. It's there in mathematics too. Mathematicians G.H Hardy and Betrand Russell use the term elegance and rigour for mathematical beauty. The term itself Clean Code is sufficiently descriptive and intuitively sensible, yet to put it into practice is as hard as composing a sonata, writing an opus, sculpting David and painting The Last Supper. So if you are new to this concept, begin with the following links to get a gist of it. You'll get an idea about the same and form an opinion.

In short Clean Code is -

  • Easy to understand.
  • Easy to modify.
  • Easy to test.
  • Works correctly

Also, if you always remember that code is written to read (by humans) and not just to be executed, you'll mostly be on the right track.

Setting up environment (details)

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