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NEO-GEO Bare Metal Code by krom (Peter Lemon).

All code compiles out of box with the bass assembler by byuu.
I use a special version of bass by ARM9 which has been updated with NEO-GEO M68K/Z80 output:

I also use a tool called ROMWak, which is needed to byteswap the main M68K program ROM:
I have included binaries of all the demos, including "" packed ROM for MAME.

Special thanks to freem, who has helped me get into NEO-GEO Coding =D
Check out his website here:
Also check out the wiki by here:

Please check out MAME, an accurate NEO-GEO emulator:

Howto Compile:
All the code compiles into multiple binary (202-XX.XX) files:
202-c1.c1 = Character 1 ROM (16x16 LSPC 3D-Line Sprites)
202-c2.c2 = Character 2 ROM (16x16 LSPC 3D-Line Sprites)
202-m1.m1 = Z80 Music ROM (YM2610 Code)
202-p1.p1 = M68K Program ROM (CPU Code)
202-s1.s1 = Fixed Screen ROM (8x8 Fix Screen Characters)
202-v1.v1 = Voice ROM (ADPCM Audio Samples)

Using bass Run: make.bat
Then zip the above files that are created into a "" file.
(Create zero length files for any missing roms that are not required inside the "" file.)

Howto Run:
You can use NEO-GEO emulators like the MAME NEO-GEO Driver to run the "" file:
Place the "" file in the "MAME/roms" directory.
Place the "" bios file in the "MAME/roms" directory.
Using MAME Run: mame puzzledp


NEO-GEO Assembly Programming






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