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Phpcraft Surrogate

A Minecraft: Java Edition reverse proxy based on Phpcraft.

This project has been abandoned! The limited subset of 1.8.x - 1.15.x that has been implemented should work fine. If and how anything after that works is entirely dependant on what changed about the protocol.


You'll need PHP, Composer, and Git.


  • Debian: apt-get -y install php-cli composer git
  • Windows:
    1. Install Cone, which will install the latest PHP with it.
    2. Run cone get composer as administrator.
    3. Install Git for Windows.


First, we'll clone the repository and generate the autoload script:

git clone
cd surrogate
composer install --no-suggest --ignore-platform-reqs

Next, we'll run a self check:

php vendor/craft/core/selfcheck.php

If any dependencies are missing, follow the instructions, and then run the self check again.

That's it!

Now that you've got Surrogate all set up, you can start it using:

php surrogate.php

Updating Surrogate

To update Surrogate and its dependencies:

git stash
git pull
composer update --no-dev --no-suggest --ignore-platform-reqs
git stash pop

If you have made local changes, they will be saved and re-applied after the update.


After having started Surrogate at least once, you will find a "config" folder containing the "Phpcraft Surrogate.json" configuration file.


  • "address" is the address Surrogate will connect clients to. The value of this may also be "phpcraft integrated server" so Surrogate will utilize Phpcraft's integrated server to act as a server itself. What you use this for is up to you.
  • "default" indicates that this server is for new clients. If you have multiple default servers, one will be chosen at random. If the chosen server is offline, Surrogate will keep trying a random server until the list is exhausted and the client is disconnected.
  • "host" indicates that if a client connected to Surrogate using that particular address, they should be put on this sub-server. Note that SRV records are pre-connection redirects, so if points to which is an A or AAAA record, the host will be
  • "restricted" indicates that the client needs the connect to <server name> permission to connect to this sub-server.

Configuring sub-servers

Make sure your sub-servers are in offline mode, as Surrogate will not be able to authenticate on behalf of players.

On non-vanilla servers, you may an option to enable reverse proxy compatibility, so plugins on your sub-servers can still use the UUID and IP address of players. On Spigot, this option is called "bungeecord," just like the bad reverse proxy made by the same person.

Make sure that you have a firewall set up to disallow any external connections to sub-servers, as otherwise anyone could imitate anyone, including OPs. You probably don't want that.


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