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Reflection based java project framework
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Reflection Based Project Framework

RPF, as the name suggests, is a reflection based Java project framework. What is reflection though? In essence, reflection is basically a tool that allows you to view and extend a class's architecture, for example, allowing you to get all annotations in a class, or on a method. RPF takes this basic tool to the next level though, by integrating well-known reflection utilizing libraries such as Guice and org.reflections, resulting in a unique and efficient way of creating applications.


  • Child injector based startup system
  • Platform independent command API
  • Task manager
  • Manager API (including levenshtein searching)
  • Configuration system (JSON Default)
  • File manager
  • Plenty of addons
    • MySQL API
    • Logback Implementation
    • Serve HTTP JSON
    • Console interaction
    • Runtime Jar Loader (WIP)
  • Loads of pre-made bindings for popular apis
    • Bukkit
    • Sponge
    • JDA
    • Velocity
    • BungeeCord
    • Nukkit (Soon)
  • More to come

Alone with these, there are also implementations for popular apis, such as Bukkit and JDA. In these, you can expect things that you'd normally have to do manually, to be done automatically, for example event registering.


Comprehensive documentation can be found on the wiki, and method/class descriptions on the javadocs.

Builds can be downloaded from here, however I recommend you use my maven repository instead.

repositories {
    maven {
        url = ""



More info can be found on their respective pages.



Core Console HTTP Jars Logback MySQL Bukkit BungeeCord JDA Sponge Velocity
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