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Some ideas for the implementation of PulseAudio features

  • rewind, we don't want to do rewinds, we would keep the maximum latency at the render side reasonably low (10ms, or 480 samples at 48KHz) and simply allow this worst-case latency between volume changes or stream switches.
  • Mixer API: We would like to have each physical output path have a separate node, selecting on path would make other paths inactive, possibly using UCM.
  • Work on implementing the relevant modules
  • we would want a client replacement library that speaks directly to PipeWire to make existing clients work without changes.
  • volume/mute control should be done with control streams, making volume changes very low overhead.
  • we use the pw_stream API, this enables format conversion on the server and only wakes up the client with the frequency depending on the requested latency, regardless of the buffer size of the server.
  • We need precise timing support to be able to get the read and write pointers.
  • Maybe we can use the pulseaudio config files to generate a UCM profile for the card.
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