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SimpleNG theme for Piwigo

SimpleNG is a complete redesign of the Simple Grey theme, taking advantage of the new features of the web (HTML5 and CSS3) and based on Bootstrap. The old version (Simple Grey) is still available on piwigo extensions and is maintained by the Piwigo team.



  • responsive,
  • HTML5 and CSS3,
  • use bootstrap,
  • use the Open Sans font.



This theme is licensed under the GNU General Public License. See LICENSE for details.


This theme is based on the less sources of bootstrap. To customize it, you must install some dependencies. In short, install nodejs, then npm install recess uglify-js. Windows users can use a gui like winless.

Then, you will need to get the sources with git. You can fork on github (if you want to publish your theme later or submit a pull request) or get the sources directly with git:

git clone

Get the latest release (3.1.0 here):

git checkout 3.1.O

Then get the bootstrap submodule:

git submodule update --init

To compile simpleng's css and javascript sources, you can then use make css and make js. make watch will watch the files to automatically compile the css. The main file to edit is css/styles.less. You can also override bootstrap variables (see bootstrap/less/variables.less for a complete list).


version 3.2.5 (02/03/2016)

  • compatibility with formats for Piwigo 2.8
  • compatibility with new search form and search options of Piwigo 2.8

version 3.2.4 (22/02/2015)

  • new release to fix a packaging error (wrong directory name)

version 3.2.3 (17/02/2015)

  • {php} tag forbidden in Smarty 3 + Piwigo 2.7
  • Fix #16: tags by letter doesn't work.
  • Ability to add buttons on index.php for plugins.

version 3.2.2 (16/10/2014)

  • Solves <br> code in categories title
  • Correct GThumb+ support
  • Small changes for Piwigo 2.7

version 3.2.1 (04/08/2014)

  • Fix photo admin link.

version 3.2.0 (19/03/2014)

  • piwigo 2.6 compatibility

version 3.1.3 (14/07/2013)

  • Remove extra get_combined_scripts that was breaking the rating.
  • css fix for Language Switch.

version 3.1.2 (20/05/2013)

  • Update Bootstrap to v2.3.2
  • Add the #thumbnails id

version 3.1.1 (18/04/2013)

  • Another bugfix for voids in the thumbnails page.
  • Reuse bootstrap variables when possible.
  • Add some doc on how to customize the theme.

version 3.1.0 (23/03/2013)

  • Remove infinitescroll as it doesn't work.
  • Better use of GALLERY_TITLE and PAGE_BANNER: Use GALLERY_TITLE for the navbar, where the title must be short and without html tags, and let users use PAGE_BANNER for what they want.
  • Minor fixes: mobile url, ...
  • Template fixes for piwigo 2.5: comments, navbar.
  • Icon for categories with new images.
  • Update bootstrap to v2.3.1
  • Update jquery to 1.9.1
  • Add bootstrap as a submodule.
  • Center the footer text.
  • Fix slideshow buttons that were not clickable.

version 3.0.1 (05/12/2012)

  • Switch to recess.
  • Bugfix for voids in the thumbnails page.
  • Fix the height of thumbnail captions for better alignement.

version 3.0 (28/08/2012)

  • forms - fix the search page button
  • include the ajax queue to load thumbnails
  • minor fixes
  • comment list - fix thumbnails

version 3.0-beta5 (28/06/2012)

  • image nav bar
  • use the same style for category thumbnails and other thumbnails
  • apply the transparent background to the subcontent
  • thumbnails - use bootstrap
  • put the title in the navbar using javascript
  • css - change responsive styles
  • don't use pwg's combine as it breaks with plugins
  • minify bootstrap.js

version 3.0-beta4 (25/06/2012)

Compatibility with piwigo 2.4:

  • update bootstrap to 2.0.4
  • minor template changes
  • adapt templates to use derivatives
  • header - add canonical url

version 3.0-beta3 (27/03/2012)

  • update screenshots
  • use infinitescroll plugin to avoid pagination
  • change tooltip position for category thumbnails
  • font-size for imgNext/imgPrev
  • fix icon dir

version 3.0-beta2 (10/03/2012)

  • rename theme

version 3.0-beta1 (09/03/2012)

Complete redesign:

version 2.5.5 (01/03/2012)

  • fix the adaptation of the main image with the resolution

version 2.5.4 (23/01/2012)

  • improve media-queries for small resolutions
  • limit with of descriptions - combine files
  • bugfix for the admin option

version 2.5.3 (22/01/2012)

  • add an option and admin page to choose the layout for albums (with description under or next to the album thumbnail)

version 2.5.2 (20/12/2011)

  • more flexible layout for thumbnails
  • more flexible layout for categories
  • restore the possibility to hide thumbnails caption.
  • center image in slideshow

version 2.5.1 (18/10/2011)

  • refactor code for #titrePage and add the link to switch the menu
  • fixes for comments page
  • fixes for pages where the $MENUBAR is present

version 2.5 (08/10/2011)

  • use media queries to adapt layout for small screens
  • remove arbitrary limit on width: the picture will simply be partially hidden if too wide
  • update password.tpl
  • add MENUBAR on all pages
  • Spelling correction in README
  • update url
  • bugfix for the feature 'open external links in new window' for menubar links

version 2.4.3 (31/05/2011)

  • add a #Tags id for tags list, for the user tags plugin
  • use inline-block instead of float left for thumbnails ans categories
  • print css: re-enable it in the header + improve it
  • update README + add debugging mode in themeconf
  • language strings
  • new script to tag a new version and generate a zip archive

version 2.4.2 (10/04/2011)

  • fix version in themeconf (needed for update manager)

version 2.4.1 (06/04/2011)

  • new tpl for PWG stuff - thanks to P@t
  • subcontent is now a class, to allow several subcontent block inside the content block
  • add get_combined_scripts in the footer

version 2.4 (05/04/2011)

compatibility with piwigo 2.2:

  • update template, language strings + misc things
  • use rating and core.scripts from default theme
  • cleanup useless javascript stuff
  • use new combined_css feature - thanks to P@t
  • replace known_script with combine_script

version 2.3 (07/01/2011)

  • if cl_conflit is used, don't add jQuery.noConflict
  • fix the possibility to toggle visibility of image information
  • show logout link when connected - thanks to gbo
  • update jquery to 1.4.4
  • backport commit from piwigo: r6244, r6430 & r6438
  • add gitignore
  • update javascripts + add script to combine/minify
  • apply r6594 from piwigo's trunk
  • move jquery in the header, using known_script
  • translation for the menu title
  • add 1px icon start_filter.png to avoid loading error with rvtree plugin
  • margin for error & info divs

version 2.2 (23/09/2010)

  • fix the calendar's pages
  • update picture.tpl (download, favorites, metadata, rating)
  • change the way to hide blocks in JS, without , thanks to VDigital & nicolas
  • update jquery to 1.4.2
  • remove standard deviation for votes

version 2.1 (16/06/2010)

  • bugfix for user's profile - use default profile_content.tpl
  • child themes do not need to have content.css
  • use local_head.tpl
  • correct order of thumbnails & show copyright on picture page
  • use default as parent theme & change theme URI
  • add quicksearch and style input, textarea, ...
  • add login link in the footer

version 2.0 (31/05/2010)

  • adapt the theme for Piwigo 2.1
  • add Readme
  • tweak for plugins adding icons in .titrePage (piwishak, addthis, ...)