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Quantitative and Computational Ecology

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  1. EcologicalNetworks.jl

    Everything you've never dreamed about measuring on ecological networks.

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  2. EcologicalNetworksPlots.jl

    Networks. Boil 'em mash 'em stick 'em in a stew. And now, plot 'em.

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  3. RandomEcologicalNetworks.jl

    Generate networks that will make you say "That was SO random".


  4. Mangal.jl

    Get data*. Make science*. (*: only if it's about ecological networks tho)


  5. BioEnergeticFoodWebs.jl

    A unified interface for simulations of the Bio-Energetic model on food webs

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  6. LabPolicies

    Be excellent to each other.

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