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Starter templates for building full-featured Progressive Web Apps from web components.
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🛠 Status: In Development

PWA Starter Kit is currently in development. It's on the fast track to a 1.0 release, so we encourage you to use it and give us your feedback, but there are things that haven't been finalized yet and you can expect some changes.

See the list of Known Issues and TODOs, below, for updates.

PWA Starter Kit

This sample app is a starting point for building PWAs. Out of the box, the template gives you the following features:

  • all the PWA goodness (manifest, service worker)
  • a responsive layout
  • application theming
  • example of using Redux for state management
  • offline UI
  • simple routing solution
  • fast time-to-interactive and first-paint through the PRPL pattern
  • easy deployment to prpl-server or static hosting
  • unit and integrating testing starting points
  • documentation about other advanced patterns.

📖 Head over to the documentation site for more details or check out how to get started!

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