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The xTimeZone module the xTimeZone DSC resource for setting the timezone on a machine. The resource will use CIM to retrieve the current timezone and use .NET reflection to update the timezone if required. If .NET reflection is not supported on the node (in the case of Nano Server) then tzutil.exe will be used to set the timezone.

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  • TimeZone: Specifies the Time Zone. To discover all valid time zones for this property, use this PowerShell command: [System.TimeZoneInfo]::GetSystemTimeZones().Id
  • IsSingleInstance: Specifies if the resource is a single instance, the value must be 'Yes'



  • Add support for Nano Server and WMF5.1 via Get-Timezone/Set-Timezone cmdlets.
  • Minor changes to bring make resource ready for HQRM.
  • Renamed and reworked functions in TimezoneHelper.psm1 to prevent conflicts with new built-in WMF5.1 Timezone Cmdlets.
  • Fixed localization so that failback to en-US if culture specific language files not available.
  • Moved code to init C# type into Set-TimeZoneUsingNET functions
  • Renamed internal Timezone parameters to TimezoneId to more clearly represent value
  • Converted AppVeyor.yml to pull Pester from PSGallery instead of Chocolatey
  • Changed AppVeyor.yml to use default image
  • Add Test-Command function to TimezoneHelper.psm1 for determining if a cmdlet exists.

  • Fixed localization problem with DSC configuration Test/Get

  • xTimeZone: Unit tests updated to use standard test template. Added Integration tests. Resource code updated to match style guidelines. Get-TargetResource returns IsSingleInstance value. Moved Get-Timezone and Set-Timezone to TimezoneHelper.psm1 Added unit tests for TimezoneHelper.psm1 Converted Get-Timezone to use CIM cmdlets. Added support for Set-Timezone to use .NET reflection if possible. Added message localization support. Changed Integration tests so that a complete test occurs if the System time is already set to 'Pacific Standard Time'.
  • Copied SetTimeZone.ps1 example into
  • AppVeyor build machine set to WMF5.

  • Updated tests: now we are deploying xTimeZone instead of overwriting PSModulePath to make tests pass on local machine
  • Updated validation attribute of IsSingleInstance parameter to match *.schema.mof

  • Modified schema to follow best practices for singleton resources (changed xTimeZone key to IsSingleInstance)

  • Added tests

  • Initial release with the following resource:
    • xTimeZone


Setting the Time Zone

Set the local time zone to "Tonga Standard Time".

Configuration SetTimeZone
       [String[]]$NodeName = $env:COMPUTERNAME,

       [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)]

   Import-DSCResource -ModuleName xTimeZone

   Node $NodeName
        xTimeZone TimeZoneExample
            IsSingleInstance = 'Yes'
            TimeZone         = $SystemTimeZone

SetTimeZone -NodeName "localhost" -SystemTimeZone "Tonga Standard Time"
Start-DscConfiguration -Path .\SetTimeZone -Wait -Verbose -Force