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The xWinEventLog module contains the xWinEventLog DSC resource which configures the Windows Event Logs.

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  • LogName: Name of the event log.
  • MaximumSizeInBytes: Size that the event log file is allowed to be. When the file reaches this maximum size it is considered full.
  • IsEnabled: Specifies whether or not logging for the specified log is enabled.
  • LogMode: The log mode: { AutoBackup | Circular | Retained }
  • SecurityDescriptor: This is an SDDL string which configures access rights to the event log.



  • Converted appveyor.yml to install Pester from PSGallery instead of from Chocolatey.
  • Fix PSSA errors.

  • MSFT_xWinEventLog: Added LogFilePath parameter to
  • Fixed tests
  • Fixed encoding

  • Fixed Set-TargetResource function in xWinEventLog resource not to reapply if resource is in desired state already.


  • Initial release with the following resource:
    • xWinEventLog


Configuring the MSPaint event log

$before = Get-WinEvent -ListLog "Microsoft-Windows-MSPaint/Admin"
Configuration Demo1
    Import-DscResource -module xWinEventLog
    xWinEventLog Demo1
        LogName            = "Microsoft-Windows-MSPaint/Admin"
        IsEnabled          = $true
        LogMode            = "AutoBackup"
        MaximumSizeInBytes = 20mb
        LogFilePath        = "c:\logfolder\MSPaint.evtx"
Demo1 -OutputPath $env:temp
Start-DscConfiguration -Path $env:temp -ComputerName localhost -Verbose -wait -debug
$after = Get-WinEvent -ListLog "Microsoft-Windows-MSPaint/Admin"
$before,$after | format-table -AutoSize LogName,IsEnabled,MaximumSizeInBytes,ProviderLatency,LogMode