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Jan 2, 2015
Jan 2, 2015
Jan 2, 2015


Disclaimer: Do whatever you want with this code as long as you give me credit (@Pr0x13) 
Check and make sure its legal in your country to use this tool before doing so.
I'm not responsible for any damage done whatsoever to anyones iCloud account or iDevice.
I Didn't exploit any accounts while writing this, as well i didn't even test it out (Hope it works lol).
I merely observed and reported.

Put in HtDocs Folder in your Xampp installation.
Install cUrl for your OS
Navigate to in your web browser (preferably Firefox, Chrome, or Safari).
Wordlist.txt is from iBrute and it satisfies iCloud password Requirements
It's been reported if icloud server responds with an error restart xampp or your computer

-=Reports coming in that Server is now Patched with Rate Limiter=-
-=Server Fully Patched, Discontinue use if you don't want to lock your account!!=-

What is this?
A 100% Working iCloud Apple ID Dictionary attack that bypasses 
Account Lockout restrictions and Secondary Authentication on any account.


What this isn't:
A bypass or fully automated removal

This bug is painfully obvious and was only a matter of time before it was 
privately used for malicious or nefarious activities, I publicly disclosed it so apple will patch it.


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