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PHP Coding Standards for PrestaShop projects
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PrestaShop Coding Standards

This repository provides a configuration for friendsofphp/php-cs-fixer, phpstan/phpstan and includes tools to check that repositories are following the standards defined by the PrestaShop community.


composer require --dev prestashop/php-coding-standards:dev-master

When this project is successfully added to your dependencies, you can enable each review tool on your projet.

PHP Cs fixer

$ php vendor/bin/prestashop-coding-standards cs-fixer:init [--dest /path/to/my/project]

It'll create a configuration file .php_cs.dist in the root of your project.


$ php vendor/bin/prestashop-coding-standards phpstan:init [--dest /path/to/my/project]

It'll create a bootstrap.php and a phpstan.neon files, by default in tests/phpstan, that are required to run phpstan. The default phpstan level is the lowest available, but we recommend you to update this value to get more recommandations.

PHPStan is not provided by our dependencies, because of the PHP compatibility from projects using this repository. We recommend you to install it globally on your environment:

composer global require phpstan/phpstan-shim


The configuration files added in your project can be freely modified in order to match your needs.

Running the tools can be done by calling its binary:

PHP CS Fixer

php vendor/bin/php-cs-fixer fix


If you have installed PHPStan globally and made the folder available in your PATH:

$ _PS_ROOT_DIR_=<Path_to_PrestaShop> phpstan --configuration=tests/phpstan/phpstan.neon analyse <path1 [path2 [...]]>

Otherwise, you can specify the path to the PHPStan binary. For instance:

$ _PS_ROOT_DIR_=<Path_to_PrestaShop> php ~/.composer/vendor/bin/phpstan.phar --configuration=tests/phpstan/phpstan.neon analyse <path1 [path2 [...]]>
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