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A Java based Server-Client encryption library
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A Java built RSA network encryption library.

How to build

Kript is built with a Gradle wrapper. After cloning or downloading the repository, navigate to the root folder and open your command line. Execute gradlew build. That will create the jar file in build/libs.

How to use Kript in your own software

Kript is designed to be built into a .jar file and included in your project as a library. After you have the project set up with Kript included, simply create a Kript object. The constructor creates all the keys and provides methods to access the public key to send to the connection.

Encrypting/Decrypting data

Kript has two functions, byte[] encrypt(byte[] message) and byte[] decrypt(byte[] encryptedMessage). To encrypt data, convert the data into it's byte values, and pass the array into the encrypt method. The encrypted byte array will be returned.

To decrypt, simply pass the encrypted byte array into the decrypt method. The decrypted data will be returned in a byte array. Simply convert that array back into the data and you're good to go!

Why doesn't Kript allow me to access the Private key?

It's designed to be as secure as possible for client-server connections with software such as a chat client. To do this most effectively, Kript is designed to generate a new key pair per connection. Because of that, the need to save the key pair to your computer is not needed. However, I will likely add that functionality to the library later on.

Planned improvements

  • Add ability to save key pairs to hard drive
  • Add AES-256 file encryption
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