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Efficient communication of a payment request. Puzzel Pay API documentation
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Puzzel Pay API

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What is Puzzel Pay?

Puzzel Pay lets businesses create a mobile bill and send them to customers through SMS or some other communication channels. Customers can open the mobile bill and choose a method of payment from a range of payment methods available and instantly pay on the go. The solution is hosted in a secure PCI-DSS certified environment.


Puzzel Pay is intended to let businesses push a payment bill to customers. The end users should easily be able to choose their preferred way of paying and through as few steps as possible, pay on the go. Puzzel Pay makes this easy and handles integrations with payment providers and simplifies the settlement by easy reporting.

What is this used for?

Puzzel Pay can be used to send invoices, reminders and ad-hoc payments to customers. This lets customers pay on the go. Puzzel Pay can also be used for charity to raise funds, tickets, permits, store card profiles for recurring payments, membership and much more. Among our clients you find insurance-, utility companies, banks, charity organizations and ERP companies.

Supported payment channels: Debit- Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard), Vipps, Strex, Swish, PayPal and Apple Pay

Official documentation

Welcome to the Puzzel Pay API developer pages. Here you will find everything you need to integrate Puzzel Pay with your existing applications and systems.

Where to start?

  • Rest API - The starting point on how to integrate your system with our REST API.
  • FTP API - Integrate your system with our FTP API.
  • Callback API - Get callbacks with transaction statuses into your system.


Puzzel Pay has a report module which generates a daily report for all successful transactions from the day before. The report is sent by email to your preferred address(es). We currently offer two report formats:

Contact us

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

You can also contact us by phone 21898989 in Norway.

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