Build scripts for building PySide from the Git repositories. Supports several Desktop Linux distributions, MeeGo Netbook and Mac OS X. Patches to support other distrubutions/systems welcome.
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Initial setup

    git submodule init
    git submodule update

Install build dependencies

    On MeeGo:

        sudo ./

    On Ubuntu:

        sudo ./

    On Arch Linux:

        sudo ./

    On Mac OS X (using Homebrew):

        sudo ./

    On Red Hat Linux, CentOS 6 and Fedora:

        sudo ./
    On openSUSE:
        sudo ./

Additional dependencies for Mac OS X

    The dependencies script on Mac OS X does not install a C++ toolchain or
    the Qt libraries. Instead, you should install Xcode and the Qt SDK

Build and install


    By default, this will do a Release build. If you want to do a Debug
    build, you have to uncomment the correct line in

    If you want to build PySide against the Qt SDK, you have to set the
    environment variable QT_SDK_HOME - this variable needs to be set before
    "" is sourced, and before "build_and_install" is run.

    To build Qt Mobility bindings (or to rebuild a specific module), pass
    the module names you want to build as command line arguments, e.g.:

    ./build_and_install mobility

Python 3 Support

    By default scripts build PySide for Python 2. To build Python 3 version
    uncomment the following line in "":


    This will use "python3" to determine the Python version and will also
    take care of passing the right build arguments to Shiboken's CMake.

    The buildscripts are configured so that the default installation path
    for PySide will be different if PySide is compiled for Python 3. This
    has the advantage that you can have PySide for Python 2 and 3 installed
    without any conflicts.

    Please note that some parts of PySide (notably pyside-tools and PySide
    Mobility) are not yet able to handle Python 3 from the CMake scripts, so
    they will still get built against Python 2 (PySide bugs 1148 and 1149).

Updating to the latest version

    git submodule foreach git checkout master
    git submodule foreach git pull

Working with the build

    source /path/to/
    python /path/to/