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PySideAssistant is a tool for building binary packages for PySide projects.

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Fix #978, add patch for Oneiric, add python runtime dep for all templates
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Bruno Araújo baraujo authored October 19, 2011
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README - pyside-assistant generated files

All files generated by psa init are described below. The sampleproject
slug used for them was 'sampleproject', with the following psa call:

    $ psa init sampleproject <fremantle|harmattan|...>

For a complete list of templates available, use:

    $ psa list

* Distutils considers a list of files by default for
installation, listed at [1].  Additional files to be distributed
must be supplied in the file. The generated file includes
the .desktop file and any QML files found.


* The main file for using Distutils, contains most of the
information needed to build the package. Information about
can be found at
Two fields of this file can be modified by psa update parameters:
 - description: -d or --description
 - long_description: the contents of sampleproject.longdesc are used

* stdeb.cfg: Configuration file for stdeb, specifying additional
parameters for the binary package. The specification for this
file can be found at, in the section
stdeb.cfg configuration file. One field of this file can be modified by
psa update parameters:
 - Section: -s or --section

Note that the section should be a valid one,
as specified in

* sampleproject.aegis: Sample credentials file, which initially is empty. Information
of how to populate it can be found at [2].
NOTE: this file is used only in harmattan projects.


* sampleproject.desktop: This file specifies how to run the application
from the application grid, with various fields. Information about
.desktop files can be found at
Two fields of this file can be modified by psa update parameters:
 - Name: -a or --app-name
 - Category: -c or --category

Note that the category should be a valid one, as specified in

* sampleproject.png: The application icon, which is displayed in the
application grid.

* qml/*.qml: The QML files for the application. Their contents depend
on the platform.

* sampleproject: Main program. Initializes the application and provide
support for displaying the QML files contents.

* sampleproject.longdesc: Holds the contents of the long_description field of, which as the name implies is a more detailed description of what the project is.

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