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@@ -19,13 +19,32 @@ run :app:`Pyramid`.
run under any version of Python before 2.6.
:app:`Pyramid` is known to run on all popular UNIX-like systems such as
-Linux, MacOS X, and FreeBSD as well as on Windows platforms. It is also
-known to run on :term:`PyPy` (1.9+).
+Linux, Mac OS X, and FreeBSD as well as on Windows platforms. It is
+also known to run on :term:`PyPy` (1.9+).
:app:`Pyramid` installation does not require the compilation of any
C code, so you need only a Python interpreter that meets the
requirements mentioned.
+For Mac OS X Users
+From ` <>`_:
+ Python comes pre-installed on Mac OS X, but due to Apple's release
+ cycle, it's often one or even two years old. The overwhelming
+ recommendation of the "MacPython" community is to upgrade your
+ Python by downloading and installing a newer version from
+ `the Python standard release page <>`_.
+It is recommended to download one of the *installer* versions, unless you prefer to install your Python through a packgage manager (e.g., macports or homebrew) or to build your Python from source.
+Unless you have a need for a specific earlier version, it is recommended
+to install the latest 2.x or 3.x version of Python.
+If you use an installer for your Python, then you can skip to the
+section :ref:`installing_unix`.
If You Don't Yet Have A Python Interpreter (UNIX)

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