Erlang node implemented in Python 3.5+ (supports Gevent or Asyncio)
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Pyrlang - Erlang node in Python

This is a drop-in Erlang node implementation in Python 3.5, implementing a network Erlang node protocol. It was designed to allow interoperation between existing Python projects and BEAM languages: Erlang, Elixir, Alpaca, Luaerl, LFE, Clojerl and such.

With just a few lines of startup code your Python program becomes an Erlang network node, participating in the Erlang cluster.


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Or build your own by running make docs (generated by Sphinx).


  • Switchable async engine backends: Gevent and Asyncio.
  • Erlang distribution protocol for Erlang versions 19, 20, and 21
  • Registry of Python 'processes', which have an Erlang-compatible process identifier and an optional registered name
  • Send and receive messages locally and remotely by pid or name
  • Can link and monitor Erlang from Python and Python from Erlang
  • net_adm pings supported
  • RPC calls to Python (Erlang rpc:call). Exceptions are propagated from Python back to Erlang;
  • Pyrlang.GenServer descendant from Pyrlang.Process allows accepting generic calls mapped to Python class members