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MagicMirrorModule-YouLess, retrieves usage information from YouLess energy monitor (
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This is a module for the MagicMirror². This module reads from a YouLess energy meter in your network to display realtime energy usage information.

This module is not yet finished; I intend to add more features and improve upon the display of the energy reading. (e.g. displaying power usage using an analog dial, sliding scale, history, graph, et cetera)


  1. Navigate into your MagicMirror's modules folder and run:
$ git clone
  1. Install the dependencies:
$ cd MMM-YouLess && npm install --only=production

Using the module

To use this module, add the following configuration block to the modules array in the config/config.js file:

var config = {
    modules: [
            module: 'MMM-YouLess',
            config: {
                // See below for configurable options
                youlessHost: "", // or
                updateInterval: 5000,

Configuration options

Option Description
youlessHost Required Your YouLess ip address or hostname

Type: string
symbol Optional Font Awesome icon to display in the module

Default value: bolt
Type: string
See: Font Awesome Icons website
updateInterval Optional Interval at which the module fetches new data

Default value: 10000 milliseconds (10 seconds)
Type: int(milliseconds)
initialLoadDelay Optional Initial delay when module is first loaded

Default value: 0 milliseconds (0 seconds)
Type: int(milliseconds)
retryDelay Optional If no data is received, retry again after delay

Default value: 2000 milliseconds (2 seconds)
Type: int(milliseconds)

Building from TypeScript source



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