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@QROkes QROkes released this Nov 8, 2020

Important improvements and fixes.

  • [Improved] A lot of code refactored.
  • [Improved] Internal functions improved.
  • [Improved] Now we have multiple options for MySQL privileges.
  • [Improved] Site list and info now includes the WP Environ Type.
  • [Improved] Clone WP empty not installed is now allowed.
  • [Improved] Better check for parked sites when wp-config will be modified.
  • [Improved] Better checks for WP sites.
  • [Improved] Better checks for subfolders.
  • [Improved] Better URL validation.
  • [Improved] External Database code improved.
  • [Fixed] Clone WP issue when SSL enabled.
  • [Fixed] Symlinks not created in HOME.
  • [Fixed] MariaDB keys not removed when stack is purged causing error when update apt or reinstall.
  • [Fixed] Clone WP issue when wp in subfolder and not yet installed is removed after clone.
  • [Fixed] Multisite convert now check if WP is installed to prevent errors.
  • [Fixed] WP subfolder not showing warning messages when site is created.
  • [Fixed] Parked issue when main site is empty with subfolders only.
  • [Fixed] Parked issue when WP main includes some WP subfolders.
  • [Fixed] Clone WP not changing Environ Type in WP subfolders.
  • [Fixed] HTTP Auth error asking for subfolder when directory exists.
  • [Fixed] False warning in verify about http credentials and readonly var error.
  • [Fixed] MySQL Logs (command) not working.
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@QROkes QROkes released this Oct 18, 2020 · 10 commits to master since this release

Important improvements and fixes.

  • [Improved] PHP v8.0 (Release Candidate) support.
  • [Improved] Database creation process.
  • [Improved] Using existing DB's when creating WP site is now a lot better.
  • [Improved] SWAP default values updated.
  • [Improved] Webinoly Info improved.
  • [Improved] Site list improved.
  • [Improved] Better DB connection check for backups.
  • [Improved] HTTP Auth protected paths now knows when a path is under a configured subfolder.
  • [Improved] Warning messages for HTTP Auth credentials and www-data login.
  • [Improved] Blackhole response with http1.1 by default.
  • [Improved] Better check for SSL staging certs.
  • [Fixed] Multisite is not supported for clone.
  • [Fixed] PHP Ondrej PPA issue splitting packages.
  • [Fixed] Error when trying to create a parked site with reverse proxy as main site.
  • [Fixed] MySQL Client not removed in some rare cases when PHP is purged.
  • [Fixed] Error when trying to delete a WP site and MySQL is not installed.
  • [Fixed] Local DB backup using db name not taking external-db data when saved.
  • [Fixed] SSL not set in tools site if cert is added after tools is configured.
  • [Fixed] Site list show false value in some rare cases.
  • [Fixed] Replace Content not supported in parked sites.
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@QROkes QROkes released this Sep 30, 2020 · 22 commits to master since this release

Awesome new features and improvements.

  • [New] WordPress Environment Type full support.
  • [New] Import and export full server or one site.
  • [New] Save external database credentials and data to use it natively instead of localhost.
  • [New] Sites list with info and advanced filters.
  • [New] Site info command.
  • [New] Backup recover "fetch" one file.
  • [New] Backup DB support for database name.
  • [New] Backup add-db-pre option now has support for external db's and management options (list and purge).
  • [New] Log purge support for individual packages.
  • [New] SSL force renew option for all domains.
  • [New] Update Let's Encrypt email address.
  • [Improved] MariaDB default version upgraded to 10.5.
  • [Improved] Clone WP now have an option to overwrite an existing site.
  • [Improved] Yoast support (global option) deprecated (per site still available).
  • [Improved] Now you can add a main site when using subfolders with empty root.
  • [Improved] WP cache now have better unattended option.
  • [Improved] Better check for WP custom host.
  • [Improved] Reverse Proxy configuration improved and updated for better compatibility.
  • [Improved] Ubuntu root internal email forwarded to your email address.
  • [Improved] Backup DB support for filename option.
  • [Fixed] Some errors to create subfolders when root is empty.
  • [Fixed] Index nginx directive wrong for some PHP subfolders.
  • [Fixed] Nginx error in some cases when cloning WP subfolder.
  • [Fixed] Flush priviliges after DB import.
  • [Fixed] Site delete keep-db option not working with subfolders.
  • [Fixed] Error when cloning WP site with subfolders.
  • [Fixed] Some rare errors to update WP url in database.
  • [Fixed] Reverse Proxy subfolders support temporarily limited.
  • [Fixed] Reverse Proxy error to load some static files.
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@QROkes QROkes released this Jul 31, 2020 · 36 commits to master since this release

Some major improvements and fixes.

  • [Improved] Now we check MySQL connection before any use to prevent errors.
  • [Improved] Better validation when trying to change MySQL password.
  • [Improved] HTTP Auth now has support for any kind of site.
  • [Improved] Better validations for logs when wp, le, mysql or empty option is used.
  • [Improved] Better message when a log file is empty.
  • [Improved] Better default value for tools-port.
  • [Improved] Better check for default-site to avoid reassign the same site.
  • [Improved] Better mechanism to prevent default and tools site from being removed.
  • [Improved] Better code for escaped paths.
  • [Fixed] Check for duplicate MySQL user not working when creating a site.
  • [Fixed] Error in some rare cases when MySQL is not installed and you try to import a db to an external host.
  • [Fixed] Http Auth list for protected paths unexpeted results when no domain is entered.
  • [Fixed] Tools-Site failing when custom or wildcard SSL is used.
  • [Fixed] Config-Cache not taking one value.
  • [Fixed] Config-Cache showing empty values when stack is not yet installed.
  • [Fixed] Swap file failing to remove in some cases.
  • [Fixed] Clone WP replacing some wrong URL (subdomains) in content.
  • [Fixed] Clone WP not updating some URL's when force www redirect is enabled.
  • [Fixed] Clone WP issue with redis salt key.
  • [Fixed] Site list showing some dpkg files.
  • [Fixed] Skip-Cache failing with regex.
  • [Fixed] Skip-Cache error when stack is not installed.
  • [Fixed] When if site exist not working as expected when parked site is created.
  • [Fixed] Some errors when forwared domains are used in some not supported options.
  • [Fixed] Better prevention for Nginx not starting after reboot.
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@QROkes QROkes released this Jun 27, 2020 · 45 commits to master since this release

Including some awesome new features and improvements.

  • [New] Ubuntu 20.04 full support.
  • [New] Configurable subfolders: HTML, PHP, Reverse Proxy, WP.
  • [New] Custom HTTP headers support for HSTS, CSP and Referrer.
  • [New] PHP Path-Info native support.
  • [New] Custom cache settings for query-strings and pages.
  • [New] HTTP Auth protected path support for subfolders.
  • [New] Options for better custom PHP settings.
  • [New] Better tools in admin site.
  • [Improved] A lot of code improvements.
  • [Improved] New stack version with performance improvements for high traffic sites.
  • [Improved] PHP debug pool removed.
  • [Improved] Swap rebuild is now optional in server-reset.
  • [Improved] Now we use ondrej PPA for Nginx.
  • [Improved] Yoast sitemap support disabled by default.
  • [Fixed] Cache issue with WP subfolder.
  • [Fixed] Some subfolders not working when main site is HTML.
  • [Fixed] WP subfolder running PHP in HTML main sites.
  • [Fixed] RAM calculated wrong in some special cases.
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@QROkes QROkes released this May 23, 2020 · 57 commits to master since this release

Focal Fossa testing.

  • [Improved] Partial Ubuntu 20.04 support for testing.
  • [Improved] API and port selection were deprecated.
  • [Improved] Small code improvements and fixes.
  • [Fixed] Warning in Redis WP plugin due to a too long salt key.
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@QROkes QROkes released this May 19, 2020 · 61 commits to master since this release

Important improvements and fixes.

  • [Improved] A lot of minor code improvements.
  • [Improved] Parked and proxy sites improved.
  • [Improved] Better validation for URL's.
  • [Improved] Better support for destination folder in backups.
  • [Improved] Server reset now fixes permissions for site folders and files.
  • [Improved] SMTP now have smart suggestions for main host.
  • [Improved] Better check for MySQL connection in verify function.
  • [Improved] Option to uninstall Webinoly without recovery file.
  • [Improved] Better installation process.
  • [Improved] Better validation for downloaded files like WP or plugins.
  • [Fixed] Error in S3 backup list when is empty in some specific conditions.
  • [Fixed] Error in S3 bucket name validation with capital letters and some special characters.
  • [Fixed] Error in force-redirect when site is parked.
  • [Fixed] Error when create proxy site in some cases.
  • [Fixed] Error when Webinoly runs from Cron.
  • [Fixed] Error when trying to clone a WP site that is parked.
  • [Fixed] Error when trying to convert to multisite a site that is parked.
  • [Fixed] Error when create a parked site and main site has files in apps.d folder.
  • [Fixed] Error when external servers like does not respond.
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@QROkes QROkes released this May 8, 2020 · 70 commits to master since this release

Important fixes.

  • [Improved] A lot of minor code improvements and updates.
  • [Improved] Forward sites now accept domains with no-scheme.
  • [Improved] Local backups, s3 runs before max function, just for security.
  • [Fixed] SSL manual validation error.
  • [Fixed] Error in log viewer for tools-site.
  • [Fixed] MySQL binary logs not disabled by default.
  • [Fixed] Error in default-site when force-redirect is enabled.
  • [Fixed] HTTP auth failing in some cases when force-redirect is enabled.
  • [Fixed] Wrong server names in WP cloned sites.
  • [Fixed] Force-redirect failing when SSL is custom.
  • [Fixed] Redirection manager should not accept multiple redirections for the same path.
  • [Fixed] Redis variable not updated in WP cloned site.
  • [Fixed] Error detecting some peculiar TLD's cases.
  • [Fixed] Backups failing when WP is subfolder.
  • [Fixed] Error with some S3 bucket names.
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@QROkes QROkes released this Apr 27, 2020 · 75 commits to master since this release

Awesome new features and fixes.

  • [New] Datadog native support.
  • [New] Redirection manager now have support for regex.
  • [New] Local DB backup: limit number of backup-files to keep and automatic send to S3.
  • [New] Automatic local DB backups integration to run before an S3 backup.
  • [New] Import DB from local file.
  • [New] Send file to S3.
  • [New] Display info from an S3 backup profile.
  • [New] External-DB support for: local DB backup, clone WP, replace-content and import-db.
  • [New] SSL support to create certs with manual challenges method.
  • [New] S3 backups now have native support for AWS IAM roles.
  • [New] Forward-domain option (full-redirect).
  • [New] Purge log GZ files command.
  • [Improvement] MySQL and PHP log-path updated.
  • [Improvement] Restore S3 backup now have support for specific dates.
  • [Improvement] S3 backups now have support for european buckets and the new AWS bucket url format.
  • [Fixed] Issue when a site is added to a wildcard SSL cert and the url is not updated in WP database with https.
  • [Fixed] SMTP issue not sending emails when hostname is the same as your domain.
  • [Fixed] Server reset missing one PHP file.
  • [Fixed] MySQL sites lowercasing some passwords.
  • [Fixed] Clone WP site issue when force-redirect is enabled.
  • [Fixed] S3 backups issue creating new profiles when user is not root.
  • [Fixed] Conflict between httpauth path and redirection manager when same path is used.
  • [Fixed] Error when trying to redirect root-path.
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@QROkes QROkes released this Feb 27, 2020 · 92 commits to master since this release

Hotfix and quick release.

  • [Fixed] Error in SSL and Clone-From when WordPress site is created but not still configured.
  • [Fixed] Wrong nginx server_names in clone-from when original site is of a different type.
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