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Releases: QROkes/webinoly

Webinoly v1.17.9

27 Feb 02:25
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Some small improvements and fixes.

  • [Improved] Messages improved for a better experience.
  • [Improved] SSH keys for www-data not removed if already exists.
  • [Fixed] Nginx branch text empty sometimes in info command.
  • [Fixed] Successfull message even when imports DB fails.

Webinoly v1.17.8

30 Nov 23:34
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Some small improvements and fixes.

  • [Improved] Support for PHP 8.3 added.
  • [Improved] Better handled support for root domains in redirection manager and custom WP hosts.
  • [Improved] Some small things refactored.
  • [Improved] Better support for subfolders.
  • [Fixed] Symlink not removed in some cases when HTTP Auth user is removed.
  • [Fixed] Clear Cache displaying an error when some additional packages not installed.
  • [Fixed] Datadog error in mysql logs settings.

Webinoly v1.17.7

20 Oct 01:07
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  • [Fixed] Error detecting empty files.

Webinoly v1.17.6

06 Oct 23:36
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  • [Fixed] AWS IAM Roles failing with backups.
  • [Fixed] Some unexpected errors displayed in the verify process when reinstalling.

Webinoly v1.17.5

30 Sep 03:58
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Some important improvements and fixes.

  • [Improved] Subfolders support highly improved.
  • [Improved] Messages after package installation are now verified before displayed.
  • [Improved] Optim and Tools installation now are verified before starting.
  • [Improved] Better check for mysql-client.
  • [Improved] Better compatibility for PHP sites with Path Info support.
  • [Improved] Permissions check now always include root user.
  • [Improved] Better check for empty files.
  • [Fixed] Dedicated Reverse Proxy in some cases cannot be created after deleted.
  • [Fixed] Repeated package in PHP.

Webinoly v1.17.4

22 Jun 15:47
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Some important improvements and fixes.

  • [Improved] PHP 8.2 is now default.
  • [Improved] MariaDB 10.11 is now default.
  • [Improved] Better template for Internal API/Events.
  • [Improved] Check for OS updated when Webinoly is updated.
  • [Improved] Reset custom cache now works even when cache is already disabled.
  • [Fixed] MariaDB/MySQL errors displayed when upgraded to a newer version.
  • [Fixed] Donations Ads should not be displayed when running via cron.
  • [Fixed] WP multisite convertion not working.
  • [Fixed] Parked sites failing in some cases with subdomains of the same parent domain.
  • [Fixed] Parked sites failing when main site has then force-redirect option enabled.
  • [Fixed] OS updates check not working in verify.
  • [Fixed] Create WP in subfolder not working when cache parameter is passed on the same line and root site already exists.
  • [Fixed] Reset custom cache not working for proxy sites.

Webinoly v1.17.3

02 Jun 19:41
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Some minor improvements and fixes.

  • [Improved] Verify process updated and improved.
  • [Improved] Internal API codes updated and rearranged.
  • [Improved] More templates commented with warning messages in header.
  • [Improved] Improved experience when Nginx is installed after PHP.
  • [Improved] Now we have a message when log command is used with subfolder parameter.
  • [Improved] Donations are important to keep this project alive!
  • [Fixed] Nginx warn message when default site is set to blackhole.
  • [Fixed] Sed error displayed when mysql not installed and external DB is used.
  • [Fixed] Global nginx cache custom Webinoly file not removed when empty.
  • [Fixed] Timezone removed when already set and user enter an empty/wrong parameter.

Webinoly v1.17.2

21 Mar 22:36
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Very important fixes and improvements.

  • [Improved] Support added for MariaDB 10.11.
  • [Improved] Verify now suggest a minimum of PHP 8.1.
  • [Improved] Passwords are not visible now.
  • [Improved] Installer for custom versions now recognize the proper OS support.
  • [Improved] Better check for MySQL and MariaDB reserved words.
  • [Improved] Better suggestions in conf file.
  • [Improved] Escaped string function simplified.
  • [Improved] WP retrieve data improved to not display errors at the wrong time.
  • [Improved] Backups updated to include conf.d folder and some other minor improvements.
  • [Fixed] Sitemaps failing in WordPress.
  • [Fixed] MariaDB not setting a password for root user in the initial installation.
  • [Fixed] Backups for multiple sites with external DB failing.
  • [Fixed] Backups for WP in subfolder including the DB twice, or including databases for levels above.

Webinoly v1.17.1

24 Jan 23:20
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Some important improvements and fixes.

  • [Improved] PHP 7.4 marked as obsolete.
  • [Improved] URL check improved for unix sockets and ip's.
  • [Improved] Messages updated to include both MySQL and MariaDB.
  • [Improved] MySQL passwords now can be safely removed from Webinoly conf file.
  • [Improved] No passwords are passed in command line now for better security.
  • [Improved] Better check for master admin users.
  • [Improved] No need to ask for external credentials when not really needed.
  • [Improved] Check for parameters improved to accept values containing equal signs.
  • [Fixed] Clear cache failing with opcache.
  • [Fixed] Upgrade process deprecated in MySQL.
  • [Fixed] Change admin password failing for admin user.
  • [Fixed] Binary logs disabled after update.
  • [Fixed] Error in some rare cases with malformed mysql conf file.

Webinoly v1.17.0

10 Dec 16:44
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Amazing improvements and new features.

  • [New] Support for MySQL 8.
  • [New] Support for PHP 8.2.
  • [New] Reverse proxy sites using upstream.
  • [New] Support for custom log format/metrics.
  • [New] Keep data option supported for purging Nginx.
  • [Improved] Support for Ubuntu 18.04 removed for new installations, only updates.
  • [Improved] Webinoly configuration file now includes more custom settings.
  • [Improved] Admin tools have a better name in site folder.
  • [Improved] Nginx configuration updated.
  • [Improved] XSS header removed by default, not recommended anymore.
  • [Improved] A lot of code refactored and improved.
  • [Improved] Reserved words list for MySQL/MariaDB updated.
  • [Improved] Server optimization (pre-packs) is done before any package, not just Nginx.
  • [Improved] Better warning comments in template files.
  • [Improved] Duplicity and Duply configuration updated.
  • [Improved] Custom configuration for parked sites, now includes main sites isolated.
  • [Improved] Custom configuration that can be applied to all sites in one file.
  • [Improved] Certbot deploy hook instead of cron.
  • [Improved] Datadog removing all keys and repos after purge.
  • [Improved] Datadog installation script updated.
  • [Fixed] Kernel (sysctl) error in servers above 128G RAM.
  • [Fixed] Home path (different user) set to root when importing server, affecting symlinks and sftp.
  • [Fixed] Sites in subfolders not deleted in some cases.
  • [Fixed] Nginx conf.d folder removed custom files in server-reset.
  • [Fixed] phpMyAdmin file permissions fixed after fresh installation.
  • [Fixed] Very rare error affecting the creation of parked sites with some specific names.
  • [Fixed] Admin tools HSTS header affected by changing SSL on any site.