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Aadhaar(Unique identification authority of India) package on laravel 5.
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Aadhaar (Unique identification authority of India) Package on laravel 5.

Authenticating users by Aaadhaar is a breeze with this package.


In order to install Aadhaar, you can do it by composer

composer require qafeen/aadhaar:@dev

or add it in your composer.json file.

"qafeen/aadhaar": "@dev"

then run composer install or composer update.

In your config/app.php file add in the providers list


And then register Aadhaar facade in aliases array

'Aadhaar' => Qafeen\Aadhaar\AadhaarFacade::class,

Api Documentation

Note: All the required parameters will be fetch from Request.

####Aadhaar::isValid() isValid(Partial match) will call aadhaar bridge api and submit a request. If user is authenticated then aadhaar-reference-code code will be return or false Note:

  1. Parameters required in Request facade is aadhaarId, pincode, name.
  2. Configuration such as modality, certificate-type will be loaded from config/aadhaar.php file.
  3. If not provided in configuration file then default value will be
return [
    'modality'         => 'demo',
    'certificate-type' => 'preprod',

####Aadhaar::generateOtp() Generate Otp for aadhaar request. Required parameters is aadhaarId in Request.

####Aadhaar::verifyOtp() Verify the given OTP from user. Required parameters is aadhaarId, otp in Request.


You can validate aadhaarId by simply passing valid_aadhaar to Validator

    return Validator::make($data, [
        'aadhaarId' => 'unique:users,aadhaar_id|valid_aadhaar',
    ], [
        'aadhaarId.unique' => 'Aadhaar id is already been used for registration.',
        'valid_aadhaar'    => 'Please check if your aadhaar id, pincode or name is valid as per your aadhaar card.',

This will automatically call aadhaar bridge api and get you validated.

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