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Use fontawesome 5 as a nuxtJS module
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Nuxt Font Awesome 5

With Nuxt Font Awesome 5 you can easily use

Should I use this module in production ?

Probably not. We don't have any unit test, and this module has not reached the 1.x.x maturity.


  • Add qonfucius-nuxt-fontawesome dependency using yarn or npm to your project
  • Add qonfucius-nuxt-fontawesome to modules section of nuxt.config.js
  • Add some fontawesome 5 packs as dependency using yarn or npm to your project
  • Configure theses packs in configuration (please see packs option).
  modules: [
    // Simple usage
    // With options
    ['qonfucius-nuxt-fontawesome', { componentName: 'fa-icon', packs: [], includeCss: true }],


  <fa-icon :icon="['fab', 'font-awesome']" />
  <fa-icon :icon="['fas', 'coffee']" />
  <fa-icon :icon="['fas', 'cog']" :spin="true" :fixed-width="false" />
  <fa-icon :icon="['fab', 'fort-awesome']" size="4x" />
  <fa-icon :icon="['fas', 'spinner']" :pulse="true" :fixed-width="true" />
  <fa-icon :icon="['fab', 'fort-awesome']" :rotation="90" />
  <fa-icon :icon="['fab', 'internet-explorer']" flip="both" />
  <ul class="fa-ul">
    <li><fa-icon :icon="['fas', 'check-square']" :list-item="true" />List icons</li>
    <li><fa-icon :icon="['fas', 'check-square']" :list-item="true" />can be used</li>
    <li><fa-icon :icon="['fas', 'square']" :list-item="true" />as bullets</li>
    <li><fa-icon :icon="['fas', 'square']" :list-item="true" />in lists</li>



Default: fa-icon

Component name


Default: true

If you are already including fontawesome css somewhere in your code (sass ?), please pass false !


Default: []

Packs to configure, with the list of icons to include in the project.


  • Add @fortawesome/free-brands-svg-icons as dependency
  • Add configuration like this in nuxt.config.js
  fontAwesome: {
    packs: [
        package: '@fortawesome/free-brands-svg-icons',
        icons: ['faGithub', 'faFontAwesome'],
  • Use it in template
  <fa-icon :icon="['fab', 'font-awesome']" />
  <fa-icon :icon="['fab', 'github']" />


Thank you to all our contributors!

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