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PHP Zip Code Range and Distance Calculation

Calculate the distance between U.S. zip codes and find all zip codes within a given distance of a known zip code.

This project was started as a port to PHP 5 of a zip code class I wrote in 2005 for PHP 4. It also provides improvements based on suggestions from users of the original code.

Zip Code Database

The ZipCode class is based on a MySQL table or view with the following fields:

zip_code_id      int(11) PRIMARY KEY
zip_code         varchar(5) UNIQUE KEY
city             varchar(50)
county           varchar(50)
state_name       varchar(50)
state_prefix     varchar(2)
area_code        varchar(3)
time_zone        varchar(50)
lat              float
lon              float

While the name of this table can be specified by the mysql_table class property, the default table name is zip_code.

Original Database (obsolete)

The original zip code database was derived from 2000 U.S. Census data and manually tweaked over the years when a zip code was missing or incorrect. This database is known to have some missing and inaccurate zip codes.

You can find the SQL script with the entire zip_code table in /data/obsolute/zip_code.sql. If you do not have access to your database from the command line, such as using phpMyAdmin, you will have to split the script into multiple files and upload them one at a time.

New Databases

There are numerous sources for U.S. zip code databases. Some are free and some can be purchased. You can use one of these databases by either copying the necessary fields from the source table to the zip_code table using a SELECT INTO statement or by creating a view with the CREATE VIEW statement.

Live Demo

See example.php for example usage. You can see a live demo on my personal website (uses the obsolete data): PHP-ZipCode Example.


GNU General Public License v3