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Distributed matrix classes and methods for the pbdR project.
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pbdDMAT is a package for distributed matrix algebra and statistics computations. It uses the pbdBASE package for handling the heavy lifting, which amounts to interfacing to and extending ScaLAPACK.

pbdDMAT requires

  • R version 2.14.0 or higher with pbdMPI, pbdSLAP, and pbdBASE.
  • SUN HPC 8.2.1 (OpenMPI) for Solaris.
  • OpenMPI for Linux.
  • OpenMPI for Mac OS X.
  • MS-MPI or MPICH2 for Windows.

For installing pbdDMAT,

  • see "INSTALL" for Solaris, Linux and Mac OS, and
  • see "*" for Windows.

More information about pbdDMAT can be found in 1. pbdDMAT vignette at 'pbdDMAT/inst/doc/pbdDMAT-guide.pdf' 2. ''.

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