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REDasm is a cross platform disassembler with a modern codebase useful from the hobbyist to the professional reverse engineer.
All features are provided by LibREDasm which loads plugins developed in C, C++ and Python3 (you can also support new languages if you want!) and an user friendly Qt frontend.
LibREDasm also provides a plain C API for maximum ABI compatibility along with a C++17 core.

Tested on Windows and Linux.


REDasm is still under heavy development, currently is supports:

  • C++ and Python 3 Plugins
  • Multithreaded analysis
  • Binary lifting and intermediate language analysis (RDIL)
  • Loaders
    • Portable Executable (with VB decompilation)
    • ELF
    • XBox 1
    • PS1
  • Assemblers
    • x86 and x86_64
    • MIPS
    • ARM64
    • ARM (WIP)
  • More features are under development!


  • CMake 3.12
  • C++17 compiler (tested on GCC 10.x and MSVC2019)
  • Qt 5.12

Building from source

Read here

Thanks to

  • MiniZ : ZLib's drop in replacement
  • TaoJSON: C++ header-only JSON library
  • UndName: MSVC Demangler
  • Libiberty: Binutils Demangler
  • Zydis: Fast and lightweight x86/x86-64 disassembler library
  • Capstone: Disassembler Framework


  • LibREDasm is released under GNU LGPL3 License
  • REDasm is released under GNU GPL3 License