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ekilmer commented Feb 21, 2020

It's nice if testing doesn't produce unnecessary artifacts after running with success but keeps relevant info on fail for further inspection.

Pytest should have a nice way of creating fixtures that can post-process a test based on whether it failed or not

If a test fails, then keep the

Aiethel commented Oct 19, 2019

While the test_suite presented in #589 does work, it is still pretty simple and can be improved and enhanced.

  • Add tests for gnutils and coreutils.
  • Add necessary utilities so more complex programs can be compiled from sources.
  • Integrate CMake, so one could write something like make validate and the subset of test that is deemed necessary (for example everything with min t

Triton is a Dynamic Binary Analysis (DBA) framework. It provides internal components like a Dynamic Symbolic Execution (DSE) engine, a dynamic taint engine, AST representations of the x86, x86-64, ARM32 and AArch64 Instructions Set Architecture (ISA), SMT simplification passes, an SMT solver interface and, the last but not least, Python bindings.

  • Updated Nov 28, 2020
  • C++
XVilka commented Dec 13, 2019

I noticed you have a plugin for Ghidra, but it is not the only one FOSS tool available.
Radare2 is a highly-portable cross-platform reverse engineering framework and a toolkit without dependencies. It has support for analyzing binaries, disassembling code, debugging programs, attaching to remote GDB/LLDB, WinDbg servers, rich plugin system (see r2pm), an

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