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Real Estate Standards Organization

RESO provides the foundation for streamlined real estate technology through the creation and certification of standards.


  1. transport transport Public

    RESO Transport Workgroup - Specifications and Change Proposals

    17 14

  2. web-api-commander web-api-commander Public

    Client tools and libraries to work with and test RESO Web APIs.

    Java 35 18

  3. reso-certification-utils reso-certification-utils Public

    NodeJS package with reference artifacts and ETL processes for Certification.


  4. reso-web-api-reference-server reso-web-api-reference-server Public

    RESO Web API and Data Dictionary compliant reference server

    Java 9 4

  5. uli-service uli-service Public

    Unique Licensee Matching and Resolution Service

    5 1

  6. reso-upi-v2 reso-upi-v2 Public

    URN-based UPI

    JavaScript 1


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