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  • Farm Usage: How to use the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences computing cluster.
  • Git Best Practices: Resources and Tips on how to use Git.
  • Code Styleguides: Links to Google's Code Styleguides which should be roughly adopted in the lab.
  • Local lab server: ssh to, login id = rilab, ask for password.

Maize information:

Lab protocols:

Lab Calendar

Lab data:


There are two ways to contribute to this lab wiki:

  1. By editing online using Github's wiki editor.
  2. Cloning and working with the Markdown files locally.

To clone this lab wiki, use:

$ git clone git@github.com:RILAB/lab-docs.wiki.git lab-wiki

Then, edit each file in your text editor, commit the changes, and push them. If you're denied access to push, let Vince know. For more information, see Contributing to the Lab Wiki.

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