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Managing CampusGroups

CampusGroups is the club management platform provided by RIT Clubs office. For RIT Clubs office record-keeping, CampusGroups is used. This article documents routine actions or maintenance work to manage the RITlug CampusGroups profile.

Home page of RITlug's CampusGroups page

Home page of RITlug's CampusGroups page


  • Update Officers
  • Maintain RITlug records for RIT Clubs office
  • Hold elections (Surveys)

Update officers

CampusGroups has an Officers page used by RIT Clubs office to recognize club leadership and assign RIT web service permissions (see :doc:`../events/event-management-system`) as needed. The page is under the Dashboard menu.

Update eboard officers from the Officers page

Update eboard officers from the Officers page

RITlug recognizes these positions on our executive board:

  • President (required)
  • Vice president
  • Treasurer (required)
  • Secretary
  • Officer (role varies)
  • Faculty advisor (required)


All eboard officers should be listed as Active Officer and Visible on Website.

The president, vice president, and faculty advisor(s) should be listed as Main contact.

An eboard officer and advisor permissions compared side by side

An eboard officer and advisor permissions compared side by side

Add eboard member

Begin from the Officers page for RITlug in CampusGroups. A member-elect must join the RITlug organization in CampusGroups first to appear in the interface.

  1. Click Add Officer in upper-right corner
  2. Search by name or RIT email address for the member-elect
  3. Check Notify each new officer by email, click Submit
  4. They should appear on the Officers page
  5. Update their position, custom position, and permissions as needed

Remove eboard member


This has never been done before in CampusGroups! When done next, it should be documented here.

Maintain records

RITlug does not use many features of CampusGroups because we already have some tools or systems in place. However, RIT Clubs office uses CampusGroups as a primary electronic data source for RIT student organizations. Therefore, information should be current.


  • Group email: Email alias to reach all eboard members
  • Address: Current club mailing address provided by RIT Clubs office
  • Phone: Phone number of current president
Update address settings for RITlug from CampusGroups

Update address settings for RITlug from CampusGroups

Other records

Other records are either not regularly updated or not used. Future eboards may choose to utilize CampusGroups in more detail.

Hold elections

Elections must be held via CampusGroups. This is to combat corruption and embezzlement of RIT Clubs funding. CampusGroups standardizes student organization elections for consistency and fairness.

Elections are a special type of survey in the Surveys menu. Refer to CampusGroups documentation to create elections in CampusGroups.

Election execution

.. seealso::

   See :doc:`eboard-onboarding-offboarding` for more information on election execution and policy.