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I have looked at several issues, here and at the 'old' site at The following Issues can be fixed by the suggested changes.

asb:11 - Raspi-config is not approachable by the blind...
Changed to use the a,b,c, menu options allowing hot keys (a, b, c,); is this more suited to people with poor vision, in addition to the colour-highlighted line? I don't know how to test this

asb:28 - raspi-config: Internationalisation Options - Selection
Using an Internationalisation menu item returns to the main menu, changed to return to same menu (also on Advanced menu)

asb:39 - display "Internationalisation Options" before "Change User Password"
If following the menu sequence, the keyboard layout should be corrected before setting the passsword; moved to option b

RPi-Distro:9 - Unusable if terminal window too narrow
If the width is less than 60, a message is given to select continue or quit. If too narrow the current raspi-config does not increase the terminal size? I am not sure how to test for a blank WT_WIDTH (if [ -z "$WT_WIDTH"...)

New: - pressing Escape just quits raspi-config
The pressing of Escape is detected, leaving a sub-menu or giving a confirmation message on the main menu before quitting

New: - Texts and comments
Some texts have been changed, some short comments added

Note: a new script is attached to this post. All update functionality has been removed; instead each option shows a message. This is to assist in testing the navigation. Lines beginning "#*nnn" preceding a function show the line number (nnn) in the original script that the function can be found. Run it in a terminal window from the GUI desktop to change the width of the screen


spl237 commented Jan 23, 2016

Going forward, the recommended use of raspi-config is via the rc_gui desktop GUI rather than the command-line raspi-config itself. raspi-config will be kept functionally up to date for people who don't want to use the GUI, but we're unlikely to do much in the way of usability improvements to it from now on.

@spl237 spl237 closed this Jan 23, 2016

There is a use case for maintaining full functionality of the script with a full set of command line options. This will makes sense for people who need to automate the setup of Raspbian for educational or development purposes.

spl237 commented Jan 15, 2017

The script will be maintained in future, and it does have a full set of command-line options - far more, in fact, than it had before the GUI was introduced, as the GUI uses said command-line options for all functionality.

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