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@LogMANOriginal LogMANOriginal released this Jul 6, 2019 · 1 commit to master since this release

General changes

  • RSS-Bridge now has its own logo and favicon 🚀 (#1087)
  • Added support for case-insensitive format name matching (1ada9c2)
  • Added context hinting for new feeds (1591e18)
  • Added better support for mobile devices (99d4571)
  • Changed the placeholder text for the search bar to indicate that searching by URL and bridge is supported (dfa9c65)
  • Changed factory classes to non-static classes for better abstraction (705b9da, 2460b67, fc8421e, 14e6dbb)
  • Changed the HTML output format to dynamically add buttons for other feed formats (7ff97c0)
  • Removed syndication feeds from the HTML output format (7ff97c0)
  • Fixed parsing of incomplete headers from remote servers that could cause bridge failure (7054268)

New bridges

Modified bridges

  • BAE
    • Improved performance (#1168)
  • Brut
    • Creates custom feed name for each category and edition (#1164)
  • Castorus
    • Fixed broken activity selector (73f4bc0)
  • Desoutter
    • Fixed bridge after DOM changes (1efb7c7)
  • Elite Dangerous Galnet
    • Removes duplicate items (#1167)
  • Find A Crew
    • Improved bridge results (#1120)
  • Github Issue
  • Glassdoor
  • GQ Magazine
    • Fixed the bridge by changing the way the articles are loaded AND their titles are found (#1195)
  • Have I Been Pwned
    • Converts HTML entities to characters (#1198)
    • Displays the breach type (#1203)
  • Instructables
    • Added support for HTTPS (54fb29d)
    • Fixed listCategories() to work with new layout (6f24987)
    • Updated available categories (d324aa5)
    • Fixed after layout changes (60c1339)
  • Kununu
    • Added support for ratings (7926ffa)
    • Added support for benefits (7926ffa)
    • Fixed broken timestamp (7926ffa)
  • PinterestBridge
    • Removed support for search due to technical limitations (#1206)
  • Shanaproject
  • Steam Community
    • Added Workshop category (#1172)
  • Twitter
    • Displays all images from a tweet, not only the first one (#1160)
    • Added extensive description to keyword search query (d005acc)
    • Fixed detection of retweets on lists (b27487a)
  • World Of Tanks
  • XenForo
    • Fixed broken bridge (ade09b2)
    • Fixed minor issues with CSS selectors (50162f5)
  • Youtube
    • Added playlist caching (#1162)

Removed bridges

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