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A Scheme Interpreter for ARM Microcontrollers
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Armpit Scheme Version 060

(c) 2006-2013, Hubert Montas
(c) 2014, Ruslan Popov / ARMka port

Please read license (MIT) in source code file: armpit_060.s


This release of Armpit Scheme is designed to be assembled using
GNU binutils version 2.22.

The source code distribution has a new directory structure.
The file armpit_060.s at the top of the structure
(where this README is) imports the needed files for assembly.
Machine-independent source code, assembler macros and constants
are in the "common" sub-directory. Machine-specific header files
and source code are in the "mcu_dependent" sub-directory with
deeper sub-directories separated by MCU family (eg. LPC_2000).
Within those sub-directories, sub-sub-directories (eg. LPC_H2148)
are used to store board-specific files (board.h).

Pre-built .bin files are included in the bin directory.
Corresponding .map files indicate addresses of some symbols.

To re-build (if desired), one would typically modify options in
a board-specific board.h file and then apply the appropriate
single-line example from the buildarmpit script file. For example:

   ./buildarmpit 060 LPC_2000   LPC_H2148

The buildarmpit script and the bld_link_addresses file that it
relies on are in the top directory. The script reads the source
in the top and sub- directories and writes binary and map
files to the bin directory. The generation of an Intel hex (.hex)
file is commented out (uncomment if desired before running the
script). Depending on the target MCU and upload method, it may
be necessary to post-process the binary into a .dfu, .ift or .ebn
file using appropriate software. The How To web page on Armpit
Scheme installation provides some related information and/or code.


Visit for more information.

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