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Present your application colors with style.
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Present your application colors with style.

TL;DR; Demo


yarn add colors-show

// or

npm install colors-show


First, you have to import the component

  import ColorsShow from 'colors-show';

Lets say, you have some color guides in your application:

export const green = {
  Green: '#00a757',
  Dark_Green: '#00904b',
  Light_Green: '#05d073',
  Dimmed_Green: '#7fd3ab',

export const blue = {
  Blue: '#378cbe',
  Dark_Blue: '#367fa9',
  Light_Blue: '#4cade6',
  Dimmed_Blue: '#9bc5de',

Simplest example:

<ColorsShow colors={green} />

You're all set! Now let's see how can you customize this component:


colors - object / required - Map of colors where key is a name and value is a color in CSS one of css formats.

width - number / 100 - width of the box.

height - number / 100 - height of the box.

space - number / 20 - space between boxes.

lines - bool / false - if you want lines insted of boxes.

stacked - bool / false stacked boxed with hover effect.

name - string / "" - group name.

showNames - bool / false - you can turn it off to show only color codes.

containerClassName - string / "" - additional class for container.

wrapperClassName - string / "" - additional class for wrapper.

boxClassName - string / "" - additional class for box.

colorInfoClassName - string / "" - additional class for color info.

component - React.Component / null - custom Box component.

Custom components

You can use your own component to presnt colors. You can extend Box component from colors-show or use your own.

const Circle = styled(Box)`
  border-radius: 100px;
  display: flex;
  justify-content: center;
  align-items: center;

In both cases component will get few props:

  • width
  • height
  • space
  • stacked
  • className
  • style = { backgroundColor: COLOR }


As you can see there is option to provide additional CSS classes for all elements. Lets look at component structure:

  <Container>                 // containerClassName
    <Name />                  // wrapperClassName
      <Box>                   // boxClassName
        <ColorInfo>           // colorInfoClassName
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