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Simple console application to navigate and use KeePass (.kdbx) databases
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Simple KeePass2 console client for linux using a simple command system (with some commands beeing inspired on linux commands)

This project is heavily inspired on, my attempt is to recreate something similar using something more 'modern' than perl.

However while kpcli takes over the terminal creating a new screen, my approach does not


The following flags are available when using gokpcli:

  • nbackup If set when saving the database no backups will be done
  • pwfile File where your database password is stored (instead of passing the plaintext password)
  • db Database filepath


./gokpcli -db=/mnt/raggaer_g/KeePass/Databases/raggaer_test.kdbx -pwfile=/home/raggaer/.kpcli-master


You can use the help command while a database is opened to view the list of commands:

  • xp Copies the password of an entry
  • xu Copies the username of an entry
  • xw Copies the URL (www) of an entry
  • ls Lists all the groups and entries of the current group
  • cd Changes the current working group
  • exit Closes the application
  • save Saves the database
  • mkdir Shows and processes a form to create a new group
  • rmdir Removes a group (sends the group to the recycle bin)
  • new Shows and processes a form to create a new entry
  • edit Modifies an entry
  • rm Removes an entry from the current working group (sends the entry to the recycle bin)
  • show Shows an entry from the current working group
  • search Searches entries (by title) from the current working group
  • save Saves the database to disk
  • backup Backups the database file
  • xx Clears the clipboard

Deleting groups and entries

When an entry or a group is deleted we move it to the Recycle Bin group (this will be created if its missing). You can delete delete the entry forever or just leave it there as some sort of backup folder

After deleting a backup of the database file is created (before the delete change) with the format y-m-d_h:i:s_name.kdbx


Commands like xu and xp copy the content to the system clipboard, making use of You will need xclip or xsel installed. When copying content to the clipboard gokpcli will try to clear if after 10 seconds

xsel is the better approach, since it does not save a list of clipboard contents (and the command xx just sets an empty string as the clipboard content) so using xsel is the more secure way of using the clipboard


gokpcli is licensed under the GNU GPLv3, basically you can do almost anything you want with this project, except to distribute closed source versions

This application is mainly using package to modify the KeePass database

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