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This repository has been archived by the owner on Nov 8, 2022. It is now read-only.


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Blases Loaded

Blases Loaded is no more.

The Game Band has a real mobile app that is coming as part of the re-launch of Blaseball, so this is obsolete. I'm leaving this repo up (archived) for reference, but otherwise you can consider it a dead project.

Blases Loaded is an extremely unofficial mobile app for live-viewing Blaseball games. Blases Loaded is not developed, nor endorsed, by The Game Band.


Not really a FAQ, because no one has asked me questions yet, but these are what I bet will be frequently asked questions.

  • Can you add a feature to bet/change idols/vote/edit things?
    No. As a member of SIBR I have taken a blood oath to never write to the Blaseball API, only read from it. Don't tempt the Blaseball gods!
  • Can I make a suggestion for a new feature?
    Absoultely! Just create a new issue with your idea. Note that this is just a side-hobby thing, you are at the mercy of my spare time, unless you want to submit a pull request... Even still, it's my app, and I retain the right to editorial control. 😉
  • What about Blackberry or Windows Phone?
    This is how you know this isn't a real FAQ. No one is asking this.
  • Why did you make a FAQ when you seem to only have two actual things to mention, one of which is technically also in the "Feedback and Helping Out" section?
    I honestly thought I had more to put here when I started this, but it's too late now.
  • Is this related to the Blases Loaded TTRPG in any way?
    No, but I swear there were only a few hits for "Blases Loaded" before I announced this project, but now the TTRPG is one of the top hits. It looks like a clever, simple Blaseball RPG and you should check it out.

  • I most certainly did not.


It's an Ionic Angular app, so standard Ionic and Angular tools are used for building.

To run it locally in a browser, do:

npm install
npm run start

To build and run on iOS or Android, do:

npm install -g @ionic/cli
npm install
ionic cap run [android|ios]


Blases Loaded by Benjamin Reed is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0