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Polished Map Build Status

A map and tileset editor for pokecrystal, pokegold, pokeyellow, pokered, and hacks including Polished Crystal v2, Red++ v3, Orange, Prism, and many more.

(For projects that use 256–512 tiles and per-block attributes, including Polished Crystal v3, Red++ v4, Coral, Black and White 3: Genesis, and Ancient Ruby, use Polished Map++!)

Inspired by crowdmap (now defunct), but implemented with C++ and FLTK, and with more functions for graphics editing.

Latest release: 4.7.0

Follow the steps in to install the release copy of Polished Map, or the longer instructions to build it yourself from source.

The example/ directory contains a minimal pokecrystal project with two test maps. Kanto.180x135.kanto.blk is a stitch of every Kanto overworld map (they all use the kanto tileset). Johto.235x135.johto.blk is a stitch of every Johto overworld map; Goldenrod and Azalea use the johto_modern tileset, so try switching tilesets with Edit→Change Tileset… or by pressing Ctrl+H.

Browse the menu items, toolbar buttons, and Help dialog to learn how to use Polished Map. And don't miss the mouse controls:

Blocks Mode Events Mode Edit Block Edit Tileset
Click/drag Place block Move event Place tile Place pixel
Middle drag Scroll Scroll
Right-click Select block Edit event Select tile Select hue
Double-click Open .asm file
Ctrl+click Replace block Place 2x2 tiles Replace hue
Shift+click Flood fill Folow warp event Place 2/2 tiles Flood fill
Ctrl+Shift+click Place 4x4 tiles
Alt+click Swap blocks Place 2+2 tiles Swap hues
Alt+Shift+click Place 4+4+4+4 tiles
Ctrl+Alt+click Place 2-2 tiles
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+click Place 4-4-4-4 tiles

(All those "Edit Block" mouse controls are explained further in doc/

More information is at the Skeetendo Forums or PokéCommunity. If you have questions or comments, please go there.